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Guilty Gear Strive story trailer revealed

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 16, 2021 at 8 a.m. PDT • Comments: 32

Update: The trailer has been shown and you can view it below.

Earlier: The long and winding road to Guilty Gear Strive's release has been longer and more winding than anyone expected thanks to delays from COVID-19, but (knock wood) we do seem to have finally reached the home stretch as the June 11 release date draws near and events like today's scheduled story mode trailer reveal come to fruition.

We're patiently counting down the minutes to 8:10 am PDT at which point Arc System Works will post up our first major look into the next chapter of Guilty Gear lore.

There are many reasons to appreciate fighting games, and while most players will quickly default to considering how the action feels in your hands or whether or not the online is up to par, story is something both competitive and casual players can have an appreciation for.

Not only will we be watching to see what kinds of intriguing directions and arcs the existing roster members are slated to go down, but we'll also be keeping a keen eye out for any hints or nods to potential upcoming DLC character additions.

It's not to say that just because a particular figure pops up in a story mode that they'll eventually make it to the character select screen, but we can certainly get some speculation and theories going depending on who is shown and in what context. We recently posted up a piece examining the possibility of Bridget joining Strive, though he may have a story-related obstacle in his way.

You can watch the reveal right along with us via the embed below. Keep an eye out for exciting and suspicious happenings and let us know what you spot in the comments.

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