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This has to be the most 'Street Fighter 5' clip of Street Fighter 5 I've ever seen

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 13, 2021 at 8:14 a.m. PDT • Comments: 27

A lot comes to mind when one thinks of "Street Fighter 5." Just do it moves, powerful V-Triggers, robbery, there are several standout aspects of the game that tend to jump out at people when they picture the game.

But if someone were to ask for a single clip to exemplify the game in just one moment, it might be this one shared by Rashid main JB. To set the stage right up front, the two characters at bat here are Rashid and Akuma...

As JB sat locked in an online bout with the Shoto, the professional player only had a tiny chunk of life remaining. With the two standing in neutral and dancing around to determine who might make the next move, JB openly called out what the Akuma player would do.

"What are you gonna do, EX Demon Flip?" JB noted, fully expecting the attack. As you might imagine, shortly thereafter the Akuma player indeed attempted the maneuver, to which JB was ready to counter.

With how far away Akuma was, JB's attempt to anti-air with crouching heavy punch should have been appropriate. But alas, because this is Street Fighter 5, Akuma sailed right over Rashid and hit the low sweep of EX Demon Flip, causing the anti-air to completely whiff.

Naturally for JB, a double face palm was the proper reaction to such a play.

What makes this clip SO "Street Fighter 5" is, for starters, the EX Demon Flip in neutral. Even with how much distance there was between the two characters, the Akuma decided to throw caution to the wind and let an EX Demon Flip rip because... yes.

On top of this, despite JB being ready for the counter, it still didn't work — because that's another thing that feels like it happens a lot in Street Fighter 5. Reward for just throwing something out even when it shouldn't work has been another staple of the game for the last four years, though we've seen Capcom implement several things to tone that aspect down much more recently.

And, of course, we cannot take focus away from the fact that we have Akuma and Rashid clashing here once again. These two characters have been known as thorns in the side of most people who don't play the characters themselves for the last four years, so it only makes sense that the most "Street Fighter 5" of all the SF5 clips would involve these two.

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