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Here's how to touch of death with 2 combos as Gill, Rose and Ibuki in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition as showcased by LPN

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 8, 2021 at 11:05 a.m. PDT • Comments: 14

LPN has been uploading videos highlighting touch of death sequences in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. These videos showcase how to deal insane amounts of damage with Gill, Rose and Ibuki.

Keep in mind that these touch of death sequences actually consist of two combos, but the first combo will always provide a mix up opportunity to allow the second combo. As expected, the opponent gets stunned part way through the second combo, which enables the touch of death sequence to happen.

The first character highlighted by LPN is Gill. Though Gill is sometimes referred to as being one of Street Fighter 5's weaker characters, his Retribution system enables unique juggles. LPN takes advantage of the Retribution system to get the most out of punishing Akuma for his EX reversal attempt.

Rose gets access to powerful juggles from her EX Soul Spark. While a bar of meter is burned at the start of the first combo, Rose is able to build up enough meter during the first and second combo to regain that bar. In the end, Rose uses three bars of meter, but gains one back throughout this touch of death sequence.

Finally, LPN demonstrates how Ibuki can delete the opponent's life bar thanks to the buffed V-Trigger 1 bombs — thrown bombs cause hitstun now. This setup by be a little bit impractical as Ibuki needs time during the opponent's stun animation to recollect the needed kunai. Still, it's a pretty flashy combo to watch.

Check out all three touch of death sequences in the videos below:

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