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I-No is absolutely rocking out in her Respect, taunt and other animations revealed for Guilty Gear Strive

Pulling back some classics from the previous game

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 9, 2021 at 5:04 a.m. PDT • Comments: 7

Although players have known I-No would be returning as Guilty Gear Strive's final member of the launch roster, no one's gotten hands-on time with the character just yet, and there's still a lot we haven't seen for her either.

Now that we're less than one week away from Strive's second open beta kicking off, Arc System Works is trying to keep the excitement building by revealing a bunch of I-No's animations that hadn't been showcased before.

One of the latest animations shown was for I-No's taunt where she busts out a microphone to shout some bars at her opponent.

Guilty Gear Xrd players will likely recognize the taunt since it's one of the ones I-No had access to in the prior title though we don't know if the other with her hat popping off before being bonked is in Strive at the moment.

Like her taunt, I-No's Respect animation also directly pulls from her past appearances tipping her hat to the opponent.

ArcSys hasn't given us any specific attacks yet, but they did post another Xrd callback with I-No's idle animation.

After a few seconds of standing still, she rocks out a bit by sliding her fingers / pick up the guitar neck of Marlene.

Finally, I-No's crouching idle animation is actually changed compared to Xrd, as she now take a few seconds to tune her guitar while no one's up in her face.

Guilty Gear Strive's second public beta test is scheduled to begin on May 13 and run through the 16th where we'll finally be able to take I-No into battle alongside Anji Mito.

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