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Project L developer planning to reveal update for the League of Legends spin-off later this year but don't expect to see a playable beta any time soon

Tom Cannon speaks out following recent rumors about the development

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 3, 2021 at 3:24 p.m. PDT • Comments: 11

Rumors regarding when we might finally see and play Project L have been circulating across the internet these past few weeks, and the developers of the League of Legends spin-off are now coming out to clear the air a bit.

Founder and CEO of Radiant Entertainment Tom Cannon took to Twitter today to give fans an update about where Project L is in its development as well as a timeframe for when they plan on showcasing the fighting game next.

"Glad you're hype for Project L," wrote Cannon on Twitter. "The game is on track with many core systems in place, but we still have a ways to go. [Please] do not expect a beta (public or private) any time soon, and [definitely] not this year."

He then followed that up with another tweet revealing that Radiant and Riot Games are planning a developer update to take place "around the end of this year" to share more information about the project.

Many believed that Evo 2021 would be the most likely place that Project L would show up next considering Tom and his brother Tony Cannon originally founded the major event, but the wording here suggests that we may be waiting longer than the time the online tournament kicks off in August.

Cannon first revealed Radiant was working on a League of Legends fighting game at Evo 2019 after the studio had been acquired by Riot previously back in 2016.

A few months later, the developers showcased the first bits of concept art and the name Project L, but that's the last time we've officially seen the game.

Reports began to appear that Project L had completed its first play-testing session before the end of April, which led some to believe that a public beta may be on the way soon, but Cannon's statements here put that to rest.

That talk appeared to spur someone into creating a hoax about the fighting game which featured a post that said Project L would receive a gameplay showcase in May, but Riot confirmed it all to be fake.

We've been waiting almost two years already to see the game again, so what's another six months?

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