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'We wanted her to be more dignified and have an air of coolness' - Street Fighter 5 Director on Rose's evolving character design

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 30, 2021 at 11:50 a.m. PDT • Comments: 31

What's the one thing you hear Menat talk about more than anything else in all of her Street Fighter 5 lines of dialogue? That's right, her master: Rose. The fortune teller from Street Fighter Alpha will be joining her apprentice in short order, and Capcom has been focusing quite a bit on developing DLC characters to have as much spunk and personality as possible.

While fans will have plenty of expectations for the legacy fighter this time around, it's always interesting to see what kinds of tweaks and slightly new directions developers take their avatars in. Street Fighter 5's Director, Takayuki Nakayama, offered some insight on this front during a recent chat with Inven Global.

Street Fighter 5 saw the introduction of Menat, Rose's young apprentice, and we haven't heard her stop talking about her master since she joined the roster back in Season 2.

Developers have stated that they're trying to focus heavily on building relevant and intriguing pieces of story with their continued content, and they've clearly carved out a place for Rose as she enters the fray with a bit of a higher-status, mentor-type position.

With as big of a deal Menat has made her out to be, we've been subtly prepped to see Rose through her student's slightly biased perspective. This means viewing her as something of a trustworthy and charismatic role model worthy of admiration, or, as Takayama puts it, she has an "air of coolness" about her.

"In the case of Rose, since her apprentice, Menat, is already in the game, we wanted her to be more dignified and have an air of coolness," he tells Inven. "Her previous anti-air, 'Soul Throw,' where she jumps to grab the opponent in the air, has been replaced with 'Soul Bind,' which grabs the opponent from the ground using her scarf."

Less movement tends to imply higher status (the queen needn't even leave her throne to get the job done) and the call to communicate this message by altering Rose's animations and maneuvers shows just how detailed of a level Capcom devs are tackling these characters at.

We may not all wind up looking at Rose through the nearly worshipful eyes that Menat does, but we're likely going to be viewing her as an elder of the roster and one of the leaders of "team good guys."

Her being cooler isn't the only facet of her personality and design, of course, and Takayama offers a few more details on this front.

"Even in past titles, she was a fortune-teller who was proficient with using tarot cards, so in order to emphasize that element, we utilized them in her moveset and her victory pose," he continues. "We paid close attention to her movements and made sure they are graceful and relaxed, and also made sure her scarf animates closely with her own movements."

We've been all about Rose lately here on EventHubs as we're expecting her relatively soon. We also recently looked at some nice motion capture visuals that showcase just how graceful the character will be.

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