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Rare footage of Momochi actually salty? Renowned Street Fighter 5 pro gets visibly tilted after soul crushing flub in online bout

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 30, 2021 at 1:48 p.m. PDT • Comments: 21

To call Capcom Cup 2014, Evo 2015, and Evo Japan 2019 winner, Momochi, stoic and perpetually composed is all but an understatement, but even the Japanese gods of fighting games show their human sides sometimes.

The incredibly accomplished pro player has been keeping his Street Fighter 5 skills sharp with regular play, and pulls of crazy feats like his galaxy brain use of V-Trigger 2 and 41-win streak with Eleven, the game's random select character, on the regular. Today, however, we're looking at a stream clip that very much did not go in Momo's favor.

Ryu's strength increased significantly since the start of Season 5 in February, and Momochi was recently spotted using the Street Fighter poster boy against an Ultra Diamond-ranked Karin. We visit the action amid their third and final round where the Evo champ finds himself at a life deficit, but stocked with plenty of resources – a scenario he's plenty comfortable with.

Indeed, after a few moments of calculated positioning and observing his foe, Momochi winds up finding a perfect opening, dashing forward, and landing a beautiful low forward confirm in Critical Art. Instead of scoring the KO, however, this leaves Karin with a pixel of health.

No matter, as nabbing a single hit against a likely anxious opponent shouldn't be a problem for a competitor of Momochi's caliber, and sure enough, he sniffed out a fairly obvious chip out attempt by his foe. Without V-Gauge in reserve to V-Reversal or V-Shift, Momochi had to rely on Ryu's parry to avoid the chip, and did so with perfect execution... at first.

In a sad turn of fate, Momochi fails to time his counter to the second hit of the CA and winds up losing as a result. The moment he realizes his folly, the traditionally collected competitor abruptly stands from his seat as though forced to his feet by sheer emotion.

"I read that," he notes after about 12 seconds of stewing in frustration (thanks for the translation, DarkHorse) and eventually returns to his chair and standard composure. You can see it all play out for yourself below.

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