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Phenom overextends for a split second in Street Fighter 5 Season 5 and his opponent makes a read no one could see coming

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 30, 2021 at 4:12 a.m. PDT • Comments: 18

Overextending in Street Fighter 5 Season 5 can be a huge mistake and can often lead to you completely losing a game you already had in your pocket. Due to the high damage potential of things like Crush Counter and V-Trigger, one misplaced button might very well mark the end for you if you're not careful.

Unfortunately for Phenom, the top player was reminded of this lesson during an online match against a Kage player who, in Phenom's defense, made a read that no one could have seen coming. Despite a conscious effort not to overextend, Phenom's Karin still managed to get clipped by... a raw EX Tatsu in neutral.

"He's gonna overextend," Phenom says with a decent life lead as the Kage player sits with only a sliver of health left. "I'm not," Phenom says confidently after poking at the Kage with two blocked standing medium kicks.

After holding off from pushing any buttons for roughly six in-game seconds and opting simply to inch forward and backward to ensure he doesn't get tagged by any of Kage's buttons, Phenom takes a quick step in, blocks, then appears to attempt to stand up and move again. It's at this very split second that the Kage player lets rip a raw EX Tatsu, right there in neutral, and it lands.

All it takes is a follow up Dragon Punch for the remainder of Phenom's health to be wiped out and for him to lose the round. Understandably angry, Phenom yells out, "who does that?!" putting his hands up in confusion.

I don't think anyone expected Kage to toss out an EX Tatsu in this situation, mainly due to the fact that Phenom was being very patient and said special move is punishable on block. But if this wasn't just a lucky break and the opponent really did have a read on Phenom's timing, this is a pretty impressive feat and one that acts as a reminder that even the smallest overextension can get you punished.

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