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More than 20 successful parries go into making this ridiculous comeback against a Street Fighter 5 shadow boss


Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 29, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. PDT • Comments: 6

The special boss fights in Street Fighter 5 can be especially tricky as these enhanced versions of the game's fighters tend to gain a ton of unique buffs along with ability to read the inputs of the players trying to best them. It can truly seem like some of these fights are all but impossible until you (or someone online) finds a hole in the AI's game plan.

Shadow Nash recently popped up in SF5's challenges and the ever-positive, ever-energized Sunshine-OU has very clearly figured out a winning strategy against the enhanced super opponent with Alex. The trick? Let him whittle you down, activate V-Trigger 1, and go absolutely crazy with parries.

With his V-Trigger 1 active, Alex is able to enter a charging state during which any incoming striking attack will be parried. Shadow Nash apparently isn't programmed to try to get around this maneuver very effectively, and goes in for the final hit and gets thwarted time after time.

These kinds of counter animations are always fun to watch (Evo Moment 37 has kind of seared the hype into us fighting game players) and peppering in some galloping 80s action rock makes this quick clip a fun and more than worthwhile ride.

As the drama plays out, Alex's V-Gauge is repeatedly refilled as successful parries grant him a little extra time in this elevated state. After a good 30 seconds of staying alive and dancing around the computer's attempts to finish him off, Sunshine's Alex taunts his foe and then scores one final parry before finishing the comeback.

You can check out the full clip via the embed below. While it might not grant some major revelation that changes the way you play SF5 forever, endearing sequences like this are always a nice reminder that you can still have fun and be creative in single player modes.

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