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SNK teases next King of Fighters 15 character with mystery silhouette

Who's that Fightermon?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 24, 2021 at 6:11 a.m. PDT • Comments: 53

The new tradition of announcing a King of Fighters 15 character every week is apparently going to keep the momentum going, but now there's an extra layer built up on top of what we've gotten before.

SNK confirmed that a new fighter reveal is coming later today, but they also released a silhouette of the next arrival for fans to take a guess as to their identity.

The outlined figure appears to have slightly / spiky hair though that's just about the only distinguishing feature about what's shown here.

Judging by the prior context clues, however, a safe bet may be Ryo Sakazaki considering his sister, Yuri, is the only character to have a trailer now without a complete team after Terry finalized Team Fatal Fury last week.

There are some potential problems with that too unless he also got a new costume design for KOF15 similarly to Iori.

This silhouette doesn't appear to have the ripped sleeves of Ryo's iconic orange gi — maybe he'll go for the Mr. Karate look this time around — and the collar appears too large for the martial arts attire as well.

Some other names floating around as potential hopeful options include the likes of Shingo or Yashiro, neither of whom have made an appearance in quite some time.

If this does turn out to be Ryo, that likely means Robert Garcia would make up the third member of Team Art of Fighting as he has many times in the past though there have been substitutions before like King.

The official unveiling will take place later this evening, so stay tuned to EventHubs for more when the new trailer drops.

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