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'Genei Jin' type attacks like Rose's Soul Illusion tend to be very powerful in Street Fighter titles which forecasts good signs for Rose in SF5CE

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 24, 2021 at 6:07 p.m. PDT • Comments: 16

Rose's Soul Illusion was showcased recently on the Street Fighter Twitter account. This move debuted back in the Street Fighter Alpha series, and it was one of the most dominant moves Rose has ever had, so the fact it's coming back to the latest entry is interesting.

Capcom has already said that Rose's Soul Satellite (orb) is going to be a strong move, and it will build V-Gauge, enabling Rose to get to her V-Trigger faster. The combination of these two things might make Rose very good from the start, as characters who are able to quickly attain V-Trigger have fared very well in Street Fighter 5.

Rose's Soul Illusion is sometimes referred to as a Genei Jin, and Street Fighter Alpha 3's V-ISM system was built entirely around having a shadow version of yourself that would mimic your attacks. There's a long history of these moves being very powerful in the Street Fighter franchise, and it will be interesting to see if Rose's V-Trigger 2 lives up to the past.

The footage shows Rose's moves all hitting twice, and seemingly comboing with everything she does. If this holds up, it means Rose might deal massive damage when she's in V-Trigger 2, with all of her combos draining that much more life.

Moves hitting twice will likely make some combos that would otherwise work, no longer link together, but it will also mean combos that were not possible before can be strung together to potentially score massive damage. Genei Jin like moves tend to be quite high on the execution scale, but in the hands of a strong player, it can lead to some impressive stuff, and some impressive life draining scenarios.

In the Alpha games, Rose's Soul Illusion was capable of massive chip damage and pressure where you did NOT want to hit a button when it was active. How Capcom does or doesn't implement this aspect will be interesting to see, as Street Fighter 5 is already a game where opponents face massive pressure and the fear of hitting a button is real. If Rose's V-Trigger 2 follows in these same footsteps, it could truly strike terror into the hearts of competitors.

Rose is the next character who will be released for Street Fighter 5, but as of the time of this article, we still do not know when she might be appearing in the future. Fans of this Italian fighter should be hearing more about her in the near future.

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