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New visual glitch for Akuma introduced with the Ring of Galaxy stage to be fixed next month in Street Fighter 5 though still no word on the Danfinite

Some effects in general appear different on the new arena

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 24, 2021 at 8:10 a.m. PDT • Comments: 9

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition received one of its coolest stages to date with the Ring of Galaxy though it seems to have also brought a bug with it that looks not as nice.

Capcom has announced they are aware of a new visual glitch involving Akuma on the Premier Pass stage and are planning to address it next month — though still no official word on the 'Danfinite' combo still in the game.

The new glitch in question only seems to apply to Akuma's regular Critical Art, which makes the fire effects appear completely different compared to any other stage in SF5.

Though it wasn't specifically mentioned, this issue is likely tied to a texture loading or rendering error that causes the explosion to not play properly though it doesn't have an effect on the gameplay.

While the glitch is going to be fixed at some point in April, what's perhaps more interesting is the fact that Capcom has yet to say anything officially as to whether or not Dan's infinite combo is also going to be removed or if they're just going to let it rock because it's Dan and so specific to pull off.

The developers are certainly aware of the Danfinite, and the official Street Fighter account even shared Desk's music video about the setup.

Another detail we noticed outside of the glitch itself is how some visual effects like fire also look a bit changed on the Ring of Galaxy stage compared to all the others.

Akuma stage glitch image #1 Akuma stage glitch image #2 Akuma stage glitch image #3 Akuma stage glitch image #4
Click images for larger versions

As included with the gallery here, Akuma's red fireball appears brighter / shinier on hit next to other darker stages which could be due to the new DLC arena having some light sources on the floor or potentially something else.

Next month fits the window to when many believe Rose may drop as the second character of Season 5, so Akuma's bug fix may come alongside the fortune teller. That's certainly not a lock, however, since March's list of adjustments was not included with new content.

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