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Report: New Nintendo Switch console using Nvidia's artificial intelligence technology to display games at 4K resolution

Though you won't be seeing that in handheld mode

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 23, 2021 at 8:10 a.m. PDT • Comments: 14

Rumors about a more powerful Nintendo Switch began circulating the internet shortly after the hybrid console released, but things may be coming to a head quite soon.

Bloomberg released a report this morning that states Nintendo's alleged hardware upgrade for the Switch will come packing some new features that should help games look and run better than the base model thanks to artificial intelligence.

Nvidia will reportedly be bringing its Deep Learning Super Sampling to the enhanced Switch, which will offer 4K resolution output support and potentially higher frame rates to boot.

DLSS uses AI Tensor Cores in real time to upscale images to a higher than native resolution while using fewer resources for graphical processing overall.

This can lead to games running around twice as fast with frames per second at the same resolution on PC though the article only mentions the boosted 4K support currently.

It would also mark the first time that the DLSS tech could move to mobile devices, as the feature has only been available on Nvidia's RTX 20 and 30 series of graphics cards for PC.

While it may sound like technical wizardry that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could potentially play at 4K and 60fps, and it kinda is, the upped performance will also come at a higher cost to players.

Bloomberg's analysts predict that this new Switch model could likely retail for $400 USD, which is an increase of $100 over the console available now.

That's not the only upgrade the rumored system is said to be receiving either, as they've also reported it may come packing a slightly larger and more vibrant OLED screen. It's resolution, however, is still said to be capped at 720p.

More performance enhancements should be possible too with a stronger CPU and better memory also to be included.

Expectations should also remain tempered as to the impact this will have on already-available titles, as multiple sources and developers reported that older games will need to be updated in order to take advantage of DLSS.

A holiday 2021 release window is mentioned in the article though no clearer date has been set at this time.

All of this needs to be taken with a big grain of salt too considering this is all still outside reports and nothing is officially confirmed to even be in development at Nintendo.

You can find Bloomberg's full feature here. We've also included a video above from Digital Foundry that also goes deeper into how DLSS works and how it looks in action for a clearer picture of what this could mean for the Switch.

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