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Tokido and Pugera are collecting a ton of wins with Balrog by swinging for the fence using Turn Around Punch and V-Skill 2 damage in Street Fighter 5

It's almost reminiscent of playing Samurai Shodown

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 23, 2021 at 11:05 a.m. PDT • Comments: 16

So, remember how I said a few days ago that we shouldn't expect to see final Turn Around Punch combos to KO at full health in actual matches? Well, it seems as though that's almost exactly what some of the Japanese pro players are currently trying to do with Balrog in Season 5.

Rohto|Tokido and Pugera are those attempting to break the damage scale in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition by playing the boxer with a different gameplan in mind for how to achieve success.

A lot of the setup of their playstyles goes into the V-Skill and V-Trigger selection that flies in the face of conventional wisdom as to how many of the other pros have been playing him for years.

Balrog's VT1 rush punch rekkas are typically paired up with VS1 to allow for the high-low mixup potential to open up the opponent, but Tokido, Pugera and others are picking up VS2 to make them more safe — and perhaps more importantly do more damage.

This setup allows for Balrog to play a more conservative game for the first half of the match while they gather V-Gauge and EX gauge resources... and also charging the dreaded TAP.

With all of this locked and loaded, the boxer can take a few risks, and if any of them work out, he probably just won the match.

The culmination of all of this work can be seen in the clip of Pugera's match here where he's able to land a final TAP into VT rush punch to Critical Art, which KOs a G player from about 70 percent health.

Now, this way of trying to play Balrog is almost built around fishing for that TAP which is extremely difficult and extra risky to actually pull off.

To reach final level 10 TAP status, the player needs to hold down two punches and/or kick buttons for a whopping 56 seconds that equates to at least around half of a round timer.

Buttons held down cannot be switched like other characters either, so at least one option of throw, V-Skill or V-Trigger is offline while charging TAP.

Tokido and Pugera seem to be dealing with this by holding the heavy punch and kick buttons at pretty much all times, which allows them to keep V-Skill 2 stocked and locked.

As seen in the clip too, landing that TAP lets Balrog cancel immediately into VT, so he can instantly go for the big damage from there.

A playstyle like this probably shouldn't be recommended for most players for a variety of reasons, but if you do, each round will come down to a homerun that may or may not work out.

It's almost like this setup changes Balrog into needing the mindset of a grappler character where he just needs to hang on long enough to get a handful of good hits.

The boxer, however, can do it in one good hit if he's racked up enough punches to get them under 70 percent health, which is also kinda reminiscent of Samurai Shodown and its Issen mechanic that can end matches instantly from one opening.

Many of the Japanese pros seem to feel that Balrog sits around high A tier in Season 5 though it'll be interesting to see how that evolves as players explore this homerun build.

EQNX|Brian_F recently put together a video going over the playstyle and how much of an adjustment it is from what he's used to which you can also find below.

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