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Terry Bogard is looking a lot beefier in The King of Fighters 15 when compared side-by-side with his KOF14 incarnation

Maybe not quite KOF13 levels of hulking but he's getting there

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 21, 2021 at 7:44 a.m. PDT • Comments: 46

Terry Bogard's seen dozens of iterations over the past nearly 30 years in a multitude of different series where some aspects feel as though they're too classic to change about the character though that doesn't mean he always stays the same.

To the surprise of next to no one, the wild wolf was the latest character to be revealed for The King of Fighters 15 with an extended gameplay trailer, and Orpheus recently put together a neat side-by-side comparison video to showcase how he looks and plays next to King of Fighters 14.

Like most of the other characters shown so far, Terry appears to use mostly the same animations he had in KOF14 with the new details being added to just about everything else.

His hair and jacket, for example, have a ton more secondary animation to flesh them out more while completely changing up the hit and special effects.

There's also the return of Terry's Power Dunk special, which was curiously absent from the last game, and he still retains the classic hat turn during the rise though it's so quick you might miss it.

Perhaps the thing that stands out most in this comparison is just how much bulkier he is in the new game where his arms and legs are looking pretty darn massive next to KOF14.

Terry's physique has been known to change in the past, so I'm not sure if he's quite as buff as the muscled-up sprite he was in King of Fighters 13.

His biceps were actually a focus for the character designer this time around to try and capture the energy of the older sprites from Fatal Fury.

With Buster Wolf of course returning too, we get a new line read of 'Are you okay?' which we recently learned the origin story of as well.

You can check out Orpheus' full comparison video below, and let us know if you spot any other key differences in the comments.

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