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Urien goes straight up Third Strike in newly possible juggle combo showcase in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

HiFight adds master juggling to their list of skills

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 21, 2021 at 5:11 a.m. PDT • Comments: 6

One thing that Capcom add for pretty much every year for Street Fighter 5 is the ability to do new and more combos with each major upgrade to lead the game into a much more varied state than when we first got it in 2016.

This year's push to Season 5 may go down as one of the most significant though, and while the juggle opportunities are often easily overlooked, HiFight recently showcased something new in that category for every character in the game.

Urien's is among those that caught the most attention with many calling it a Third Strike combo considering he lands four crouching heavy punches in a row followed by Tyrant Blaze into Chariot Tackle before landing Critical Art to look reminiscent of the days of charge partitioning. Judging by the patch notes though, it's only the last two hits that are different in Season 5 with the CA cancel being made much easier for air combos.

Vega's is fittingly perhaps the flashiest among them since he can now special cancel his V-Trigger 2 which HiFight manages to pull off twice with EX roll and Flying Barcelona.

It wouldn't be a juggle combo contest without Menat joining the mix too, and we get to see something a little different this time with her VT2 getting both uses in one go and Soul Spiral's additional air combo capabilities certainly help.

There's of course 40 characters in total to go through, so let us know which you think is the most impressive or your favorite of the bunch in the comments.

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