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Smash World Tour Oceania's incredibly close grand finals set ends in unfortunate disqualification

He'll have another shot at the offline regionals at least

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 21, 2021 at 10:17 a.m. PDT • Comments: 7

The transition to running pretty much all fighting game tournaments online this past year has brought with it quite a few growing pains which can lead to some headaches and unfortunate situations though this is probably every player's worst fear.

During an intensely close grand finals set today at the Smash World Tour Oceania Online Qualifier, one of the players ended up being disqualified after a bracket reset due to internet issues.

FURY|RaZe fought his way to winner's side of grand finals with his exceptional use of Dark Pit and Link where he would go on to face GG|Kinaji to determine everything.

Kinaji's Snake proved pretty quickly to be a quite literal minefield of explosions, however, which saw them take the first two games in close fashion thanks to some excellent grenade drops and baits surrounding them.

That lead would erode away though, as RaZe began to adapt and force Kinaji to start coming to him after gaining a stock early in the remaining games.

Game five came down to the last stock where a doubly smart ledge trap would seal the bracket reset for Kinaji, as they planted grenades in the recovery zone.

RaZe went to reflect the explosives back at the soldier which worked, but Kinaji had already sent out an up smash that came down at exactly the right time to end the set.

The next round of games were looking to start off quite differently than before with Kinaji switching off of Snake in favor of Shulk, but RaZe appeared in control of just about everything.

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That is until the match froze and it became apparent that RaZe's internet had gone down at the worst possible moment.

Organizers gave the player around 10 minutes to return to the lobby though unfortunately they had to call it and end the tournament with a disqualification โ€” reportedly just as RaZe's internet came back online.

He took to Twitter shortly after to voice his disappointment with the results understandably.

Kinaji went into the Twitch chat following the DQ to say he felt like he didn't really win, but RaZe congratulated his opponent and complimented his skill.

What is lucky in all of this is that RaZe was already qualified to join the offline regionals for Oceania, so his loss mostly resulted in him getting a lower seed than Kinaji.

Said regional finals are where the Smash World Tour is going to start actually doing pay outs with the world finals offering a whopping $150,000 prize pool.

As we continue to navigate the evolving path of running online events, problems like these will be unavoidable though something like this happening in grand finals will hopefully be exceedingly rare.

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