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Balrog's Season 5 damage buffs make it possible to KO Rashid in 1 combo without the need for stun in Street Fighter 5

Just be prepared to never, ever see it used in a real match

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 21, 2021 at 1:06 p.m. PDT • Comments: 18

Balrog quickly became something of a problem in Season 2 of Street Fighter 5 with the crazy damage he could unleash off of one conversion, but now he technically only needs one conversion to take an entire round.

After getting hit with the nerf bat in Season 3 and not seeing much success since, Capcom decided to make the boxer punch even harder in Season 5, and tech scientist Javits recently discovered multiple ways to use that extra damage to KO Rashid from full health in one combo.

Of course with big numbers being needed to achieve this, these combos require the max level 10 version of Balrog's Turn Around Punch which crosses out over half of Rashid's 950 health in a singular blow.

The first one showcased features the former Shadaloo general using both V-Trigger 1 and V-Skill 2 to enhance his rush punches even further with two EX gauges and the whole VT meter being used to serve up 892 damage and a stun.

Just burn that last bar and then boom, Rashid is down for the count.

Javits' second post on the subject is even more wild, however, as it just bypasses the whole need to stun by saving that meter instead for a Critical Art at the end of the rekkas.

Having done 799 after the final rush punch, Balrog's CA just erases whatever is left no problem.

Are these combos actually practical or usable in a real match? Hell no, but it's interesting to see the theoretical limits of this game still being tested after five years with new interactions being found.

Just like those flashy combos that take out Akuma in seconds, Balrog needs full EX and VT meters stocked and ready to go under super specific circumstances on top of needing a counter hit off of a reversal.

Balrog's is even more improbably because of TAP and how long it takes to charge.

To reach level 10, a player needs to hold down two punch or kick buttons for 56 seconds straight, which makes it so he absolutely cannot do two of the following during that time: throw, V-Skill and V-Trigger.

All of those are very important for Rog's standard gameplan, and it's impossible to change which buttons you hold in the middle that other characters like Falke can to retain the charge. So it should be pretty obvious to see if someone was even trying to go for this setup in the first place.

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