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Akira Kazama schools the younger world warriors in Free Comic Book Day issue which may point to her release timing in Street Fighter 5

It coincidentally takes place during Evo as well

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 20, 2021 at 9:08 a.m. PDT • Comments: 17

Akira Kazama's too cool for school design will finally be making its way out of Rival Schools with her inclusion in the last season of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition DLC, and fans will be able to get reacquainted with her in another visual medium around the same time.

Udon Entertainment recently revealed their Free Comic Book Day 2021 issue for Street Fighter will star Akira, and it's release date could very well be closely tied to when we'll be able to take her into battle too.

The Street Fighter: Back to School Special features Akira as she takes on the other school-age ladies of the fighting game with Sakura, Makoto, Karin, Ibuki and Elena all confirmed to make appearances.

No further details were really given for the story at this time, but interestingly, the biker-clad fighter appears on the cover with her iconic skull helmet which was not included with the portrait Capcom showed off for her last year.

What's perhaps even more interesting, however, is the timing of Free Comic Book Day since it happens to fall on August 14 this year.

That would seemingly give the issue a similar window that many fans have already deduced as to when she'll launch in Street Fighter 5 too.

Akira comic book image #1
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Currently, Akira is only slated for sometime in Summer 2021, but there's two more characters ahead of her in line to join the cast first with Rose and Oro.

Though Capcom hasn't confirmed otherwise, the logical launch timing for Rose would fall at some point in April, two months after Dan's release.

Two months is the general wait time between characters we've seen most commonly used throughout Street Fighter 5's DLC though that has been shaken up quite a bit the past few years.

Should Rose release in April, Oro's chances for a June update will greatly increase which will in-turn point to Akira being two months after that โ€” August.

It's all a bit coincidental at this point, but Evo's return this year after Sony's acquisition is taking place around the same period, August 6โ€“8 and 13โ€“15, so we could see a Street Fighter announcement taking place there again as they've done so many times in the past decade or so.

Udon's Matt Moylan will be writing the comic for Akira with illustrations being done by Genzoman and cover art by Hanzo Steinbach. The full list of Free Comic Book Day issues can be found here.

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