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Street Fighter 5 costume contest Juri outfits shown off in-game, alternate colors and release date revealed

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 15, 2021 at 8:45 a.m. PDT • Comments: 60

It's been a spell since we last heard about them, but the Street Fighter 5 outfits from last year's costume contest are finally en route to the game. We got our our two winners back in September of 2020, and Capcom has now shown what they'll look like in game and given us a release date.

Though fans came up with many ideas for all of Street Fighter 5's roster members, the winners wound up being Steven "JnXC" La and "Gar," both of whom came up with new garbs for Juri.

Capcom announced today via Twitter that both of these fresh looks will be dropping in just three days on Thursday, March 18.

Not only did they share some new in-game shots of the costumes (we've previously only seen them in concept art form), they were even kind enough to tack on an alternate color for each of the DLC uniforms.

JnXC's Juri dons a red Shadalloo cap and some tattered clothes similar to some looks we've seen on M. Bison in the past, but with her hair down and her white tanktop, she looks comfortable enough and ready for a fight.

Gar's Juri has longer robe like threads on that come with some kanji and spider web designs. Juri's hair is tied into a single, long pony tail with a nice highlight streak for a bit of extra personality. We'll point out both the fact that she's wearing a choker and the fact that this fits her personality fully and needs no explanation.

Alternate costumes in Street Fighter 5 usually run $3.99 and this is the price we suspect these to come with, though special Capcom Pro Tour threads have been a few dollars pricier in the past at $5.99. Those who purchase the Season 5 Premium Pass will garner access to these along with 24 other costumes that drop over the course of the season.

Check out the new Juri looks below and be sure to share your reactions in the comments afterwards.

New Juri Costumes image #1 New Juri Costumes image #2 New Juri Costumes image #3 New Juri Costumes image #4 New Juri Costumes image #5 New Juri Costumes image #6
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