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Updated Topanga tier list for Street Fighter 5's fifth season released; Ryu mid tier, Akuma below Zangief, Alex still abysmal

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 12, 2021 at 7:15 p.m. PST • Comments: 52

The incredibly talented Japanese Street Fighter players associated with Topanga have produced their first tier list following the game's massive Season 5 update, and things have definitely changed a good bit since February.

It was actually Mago who posted the list to Twitter early Friday morning, though the ordering was established a few days prior. Despite having an infinite combo and seeing some decent results thanks to the likes of PG|Punk, Dan Hibiki, the game's newest comer, is rated as the roster's weakest fighter.

The last time we heard from the boys at Topanga was in early February as Season 4 neared its end. Rohto|Tokido, Mago, RB|Gachikun, RZR|Fuudo, RB|Bonchan and HG|Moke all offered their thoughts on SF5's cast in a number of tier lists as they posted both individual and combined opinions.

Though the Japanese fighting game scene has long been revered as one of, if not the strongest authorities on Street Fighter, many across the globe were perplexed at a handful of the opinions expressed. Seeing things like Akuma being 9th overall or Alex (widely regarded to be the game's worst) above 13 other characters gave a lot of FGC members hesitation when it came to digesting said list.

The addition of a brand new V-Shift mechanic as well as an entire balance overhaul means a lot of potential tier moving and shaking, and though it's still fairly early, many in the community have been suspicious of characters like Ryu and Alex climbing the ladder while characters like M. Bison and Akuma may have fallen off a decent bit.

With that in mind, we turn our attention to Topanga's Season 5 chart, which places the franchise poster boy right in the middle of the roster (he was bottom 5 across all Topanga opinions in February) and still has Alex as one of the absolute worst in the game.

Urien, the previous top tier across the board, has fallen down to fifth place overall while Akuma comes in at 13th. The new top dog for SF5, as far as Topanga is currently concerned, is the somewhat surprising pick: Abigail. Though V-Shift would seem to naturally nerf this fighter as he telegraphs many of his attacks and relies on command grab/strike mix ups fairly often, Japan is especially afraid of him now.

We also see zoning character Menat in the second place spot. It stands to reason that keep away fighters would naturally benefit from V-Shift's space-making nature, and it seems that Topanga is in agreement with EventHubs Founder and President, Catalyst, in their opinion that she's gotten a lot better amid this new meta.

Check out the full list below and feel free to chime into the comments section with your reactions to it. Is this group of top tier Japanese players on the right track, or are they still coming from a point of view that varies heavily from how the rest of the FGC sees Street Fighter 5?

Tier chart created via TierMaker.

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