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Street Fighter 5 pro goes on unprecedented 41 game win streak with game's new 'random select' character

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 12, 2021 at 4:45 p.m. PST • Comments: 23

Yusuke Momochi has won EVO, Capcom Cup, EVO Japan, and is revered as one of the five Japanese gods of fighting games. With 2020 being what it was, this exceptional Street Fighter competitor hasn't had as many opportunities to flex over the last year, but he recently pulled off a feat from home that absolutely left our jaws agape.

With Street Fighter 5's Season 5 update, Capcom slipped an interesting addition onto the character select screen: Eleven. Since he becomes one of his fellow roster members for each fight, Eleven effectively functions as a random select character, and so the fact that Momochi was able to go into ranked online battles and garner more than 40 wins with him is incredible.

The spree started a few days back during the 9th hour of what wound up being a 13 hour streaming session. Momochi picked Eleven and wound up with Akuma to face off against an Ultimate Grand Master Nash player.

He won, and then won again, and again with randomly selected characters, V-Skills, and V-Triggers all adding up to a showcasing of Street Fighter 5 mastery. Hi-Fight noticed the impressive streak and linked up what would be Momochi's 41st and final win as he used Dan against a Zangief:

In the next bout, after nearly 13 hours of grinding, Momochi winds up with Zangief to take on Lucia: a character who specializes in the kind of space control that makes life hell for the slow-moving Zangief, who needs to be up close to do his job effectively.

The Lucia takes the first round and garners a massive life lead in the second. Momochi, however, with his never say die attitude brings it back and evens the rounds at one a piece. Unfortunately for the Japanese god of fighting games, Lucia gets the best of him and the streak ends at a very impressive 41 wins in a row.

Starting at 29,131 League Points, Momochi makes it all the way to 32,106 LP before finally losing again. You can view his stream archive right here, and that link should take you right to the aforementioned Akuma bout where the streak begins.

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