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Guilty Gear Strive will likely receive a second open beta before its June release to help address the server and lobby issues of the first

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Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 7, 2021 at 1:18 p.m. PST • Comments: 16

Guilty Gear Strive's open beta drew perhaps more interest from the wider fighting game community than the series had ever really garnered in the past, and while it in part led to the game getting delayed a few months again, we might not need to wait that long to play it.

Arc System Works stated during their New Game+ Expo presentation recently that the team is looking into running a second open beta to further help address the issues of the first.

"Right now we are exploring the possibility of a second open beta test," said Strive Director Akira Katano. "There of course we could not only look into the server issues that we had, but also the possibilities of improving the lobby experience."

This may point to something that many in the community had guessed from the previous beta that the player count exceeded the expectations of ArcSys and what their servers could handle which led to downtime and problems connecting to other players at times.

Strive's lobby system is the biggest knock against the game most players had following the beta this year and back in 2020, yet the team seems to be focused on spending the next few months trying to re-tune their current design with two months not being nearly enough time to make substantial changes to what they already did.

"Of course we're reviewing everything that happened during the open beta test including collecting data and everyone's surveys so thank you for filling that out," said Katano. "Be patient with us, and we are working hard to improve the experience."

"Right now we are exploring the possibility of a second open beta test. There of course we could not only look into the server issues that we had, but also the possibilities of improving the lobby experience"

Some specifics they talked about fixing for a second beta / full release was the need to make the tempo of matches better though many would probably be happy just to have a quick replay button next time.

They also want to address problems in the lobbies themselves where players wouldn't be able to connect to certain other users or wouldn't be able to tell when / if they were or not.

"One [issue] for example is the tempo of matches we understand wasn't quite up to par, and that's a combination of certain bugs in the game as well as the actual game's flow itself," said Katano. "So we are looking into ways to improve that."

No possible window was given for when we could see the second proposed open beta, but looking back at the timing of the last one compared to the old April date suggests that early May would be the most likely place to take things back online.

ArcSys confirmed that the overall balance level in Strive's open beta was something of a rough estimate of where they'd like the game to be at launch, so Katano warns that any crazy stuff found within the past betas probably won't be around the next time we get to play the game.

Beyond that, a second open beta could open the doors to allow everyone to try out Strive's final two main roster members in Anji Mito and I-No who were not ready enough to take part in the first.

We couldn't even see their big Overdrive Supers in the gameplay breakdowns because ArcSys says they weren't ready yet.

Guilty Gear Strive is now scheduled to launch on June 11, 2021 though players can gain access to the game a few days early by pre-ordering the deluxe editions with the bonus content.

During the same event, Katano also confirmed ArcSys is in the process of figuring out if they can add rollback netcode to more of their older fighting game titles as well.

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