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Should Dan keep his infinite combo in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 7, 2021 at 8:14 a.m. PST • Comments: 65

Most Street Fighter 5 players probably would not have expected Dan to end up as one of the most technically demanding characters in the game, but that's where he immediately ended up partly thanks to the fact he has an infinite combo loop, which is quite difficult to pull off.

When Capcom released a new patch for Champion Edition this past week, there was some surprise in the community that the 'Danfinite' appeared to survive the bug fixes, but perhaps even more surprising was the number of players supportive of Hibiki retaining that ability despite the potentially round-breaking consequences.

With almost everyone in our own comments on the Version 6.003 patch notes being on board to let the combo rock, we decided to go ahead with VonOmlelet's idea of running a poll asking you all whether or not Dan seriously should.

There's multiple layers to the setup that make the infinite tricky to pull off outside of training mode with the first being that Dan needs to be standing in a very specific spot to even attempt the loop and make it connect.

What's the more technical execution part, however, is the necessity of using V-Skill 2 to link his Saikyo standing heavy punch into crouching heavy punch since imperfect timing will instantly cause it to fail and leave him open for a rebuttal.

Dan's history as a joke character is likely spurring much of the feelings of people not wanting Capcom to remove the trick shot though it might still be too dangerous to leave in a game like SF5.

Just because it's difficult to actually pull off doesn't mean that players like PG|Punk haven't already been able to use the infinite in real matches which could have some big ramifications to the competitive scene if someone finds out a way to use it more reliably.

Considering Dan's status as a fighter, we've split up the answers a bit beyond just yes or no to see if people maybe want to keep the Danfinite more as a meme than a real tactic which you can vote on below.

Should Dan keep his infinite combo in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

1. No, Dan / SF5 shouldn't have infinite combos: 126 votes / 39.6%
2. Yes, until it becomes a problem: 81 votes / 25.5%
3. Yes, I think it's funny: 50 votes / 15.7%
4. Yes, I think it's fine to keep: 47 votes / 14.8%
5. No, it's not funny: 14 votes / 4.4%

Total votes: 318

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