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Here are the patch notes for the Dragon Ball FighterZ update that will add Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta to the roster

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • March 6, 2021 at 3:28 p.m. PST • Comments: 17

Patch notes for the update that will be adding Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta to Dragon Ball FighterZ have been released as a result of the sneak peek that took place during the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour stream.

The characters that have received changes this time are Ultra Insinct Goku, Kid Buu, GT Goku, Android 21, Beerus and Super Baby 2. It seems that Ultra Instinct Goku is, at long last, receiving some fairly significant nerfs after being deemed top tier since his release.

One notable change for Ultra Instinct Goku has essentially removed the invincibility on his Rising Heat special. This nerfed has also been inherited by Ultra Instinct Goku's Z Assist A. Going forward, players will want to use this for its anti-air properties.

GT Goku will also be receiving some nerfs in the upcoming patch. His beam assist now requires 10 additional frame of start up and will have less blockstun.

Kid Buu's overall damage output will be seeing some adjustments too. More specifically, the minimum damage on his super attacks and meteor attacks have been reduced.

Check out all the patch notes that were shown below:

Dragon Ball FighterZ SSJ4 Gogeta patch notes image #1 Dragon Ball FighterZ SSJ4 Gogeta patch notes image #2 Dragon Ball FighterZ SSJ4 Gogeta patch notes image #3 Dragon Ball FighterZ SSJ4 Gogeta patch notes image #4
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Dragon Ball FighterZ system changes

• Some Z Assists
- Fixed an issue in which pre-attack effects for some Z Assists would remain on the screen under certain circumstances.
- The affected Z Assists are as follows: Super Saiyan Goku Z Assist A, Yamcha Z Assist B, Tien Z Assist A, Cell Z Assist A, Goku Black Z Assist A, Base Form Goku Z Assist C.

Ultra Instinct Goku

• Crocuhing heavy attack - Increased recovery on crouching heavy attack.

• Unrestrained Will - Increased start up and landing recovery for Unrestrained Will.

• Embodied Light - Reduced horizontal range of the grounded version of Embodied Light.

• Godly Strike - Increased damage scaling on Godly Strike and reduced its damage when there is no camera effect.

• Z Assist A
- Z Assist A and Rising Heat are now only invincible to jumping attacks.
- Adjusted Rising Heat's properties, as it is now no longer an invincible move.

• Accelerating Battle Spirit - Increased landing recovery for Accelerating Battle Spirit.

Kid Buu

• Super attacks and meteor attacks - Reduced minimum damage for all super attacks and meteor attacks.

GT Goku

• Z Assist A and grounded Kamehameha - Adjust Z Assist A and grounded Kamehameha when blocked.
• Z Assist A - Increased the start up of Z Assist A.

Android 21

• Z Assist C - Adjusted the damage scaling on Z Assist C to match that of the scaling for other characters.


• Quality of Life - Fixed an issue in which crouching unique attack would behave strangely under certain conditions.

• Z Assist - Z Assists now return even during the time freeze when God of Destruction's Judgement hits.

Super Baby 2

• Parasite Takeover - Adjusted the movement of the medium version of Parasite Takeover to better differentiate it from the light version.

• Interceptor Kick - Interceptor Kick is now affected by the decrease in untechable time from being used in combos.

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