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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Version 6.003 update patch notes

Dan takes up a new job as a bug exterminator

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 4, 2021 at 3:36 p.m. PST • Comments: 18

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's new season update added Dan, Eleven, the new V-Shift mechanic and a bunch of other changes, but that of course also brought with it a number of new glitches as well.

Capcom released the new Version 6.003 update for SF5 last night to address some of the issues, and these are the bugs that have now been squashed.

One of the most substantial fixes was made to the game's audio to change it back to stereo instead of the unintended mono because it made the game near unplayable for users with vision impairments.

We also previously covered a few of the other glitches including one that made Necalli's V-Trigger cause online matches to become de-synchronized while another made Dan teleport to the ground if his jumping light punch was hit.

No mention was made of Dan's infinite combo in the notes, so it likely lives on to corner trap another day.

There are likely more bug fixes coming to SF5 in the near future because more issues like Dan's VT2 fireball causing a visual explosion are still seemingly present in the game.

You can check out the full patch notes below.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Version 6.003 Patch Notes

The following issues have been addressed in the latest update:

• An issue was discovered with Ken's and Vega's hitboxes when being countered with a V-Shift causing certain moves to not complete correctly. The hitboxes will be adjusted so their move recoveries will perform as intended.

• Sound effects in matches playback in 'Mono' sound even if the sound option selected is set for 'Stereo.'

• When using Necalli's V-Trigger I "Torrent of Power" during an online match, some matches may experience a communication de-sync.

• Chun-Li and Juri's V-Shift cause them to move back farther than expected.

• Hitting Dan during the second half of his Jumping LP jump arc will ground him.

• Some dojo objects are not displayed.

• [For Steam Players] Using the F12 screenshot function during gameplay will cause the game client to forcefully close.

Via Shadaloo CRI.

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