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Buff Ryu can now KO Akuma from full health off of just two crouching medium kicks

Man V-Trigger 2 builds a lot of bar huh

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 3, 2021 at 4:24 a.m. PST • Comments: 62

After years of being outclassed and outshined by every other Shoto character in Street Fighter 5, Ryu finally got a massive laundry list of changes to help make his toolkit more intimidating in the Season 5 update, and it looks as though that boost has paid off thus far.

Fighting game lab monster Javits recently put together a combo sequence showcasing Ryu's buffed attack options which now adds him to the club of who can KO Akuma from full health in only two touches.

More specifically, these combos rely on landing his improved crouching medium kick into the new combo routes obtained in the update.

Spending just one bar of EX gauge, Ryu is able to wall bounce Akuma with EX Jodan Sokutou Geri to combo into ax kick, another donkey kick and his additional V-Trigger 2 strike that does almost 600 stun and instantly builds back almost everything he just spent.

A much simpler follow-up of Shoryuken into VT2 leads to stun in just three hits and also gives Street Fighter's poster boy more than enough to use Critical Art to finish off the rest of the demon's life bar.

Most set ups like these are normally a bit impractical to pull off in actual matches, but the first part is something I've seen used by players multiple times already.

HiFight does point out though that Ryu needs to be in a specific position to land the ax kick after the wall bounce, and he doesn't have a safe way to keep that pressure in the corner either.

It does still take the full stock of both meters too, so Akuma melting away from getting his toes stepped on is probably not going to be a common occurrence — but dang that's a lot of damage and stun from just a few moves.

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