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Devils never cry but Dante's reveal as a Mii Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sure has fans in tears

Same goes for Shatae and Lloyd Irving lovers too

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 28, 2021 at 2:32 p.m. PDT • Comments: 25

The Mii Fighter reveal portion of the Masahiro Sakurai Presents showcases for new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC is surprisingly stressful because while it means a new series is likely seeing representation, it also removes characters from contention as future entrants.

Kazuya's breakdown was especially painful today with three highly requested and fan favorite choices being announced as costumes including Devil May Cry's Dante — who was at one point heavily rumored to be joining Smash's roster.

The same sentiment was felt by fans of Shantae and Lloyd Irving from Bandai Namco's Tales series, which were also revealed alongside Skyrim's Dragonborn.

"A lot of people have been wanting these characters as standalone fighters," said Masahiro Sakurai during the presentation. "They might be surprised to see them playable in this game."

This of course sparked endless debate, jokes and memes across the internet and even made Dante trend on Twitter as well as other popular Smash requests like Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Crash Bandicoot.

Most of the popular posts pertaining to the half-demon demon hunter are those of disappointment or ones making light of the disappointment, which is understandable given the fairly wide fanbase of DMC and his apparent likelihood as a candidate for a full fighter.

As for what got everyone's hopes up in the first place, DMC Director Hideaki Itsuno said in 2019 that he'd be open to Dante joining Smash, but first Capcom would need to release a Devil May Cry title on a Nintendo platform first since it had only been on PlayStation, Xbox and PC at that time.

And wouldn't you know it, just a few months after that the developers announced that the first DMC game (followed by the next two) would be launching on the Nintendo Switch, thus opening the door to pizza party possibilities.

Devil May Cry Creator Hideki Kamiya, who is a known friend of Sakurai, also released a poll asking fans which of his characters they'd like to see the most in Smash along with Viewtiful Joe, Okami's Amaterasu and Wonderful 101's Wonder Red, and while he ended up deleting it, Dante was the clear choice.

Then in early 2020, the voice actor for V in DMC5, Brian Hanford, stated on a podcast that Dante would be in Smash, which of course perked up everyone's ears once again.

"To be part of Marvel vs. Capcom or Super Smash Bros. or both, which is what Dante is going to be... come on. This is what I want," said Hanford.

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Well, it seems he was technically right in the end.

One thing that will be kinda weird now as we approach the end of Smash Ultimate's support is that Bayonetta, another Kamiya character heavily influenced by DMC, is fully playable while Dante himself is a costume.

It was also fairly odd that Sakurai didn't say anything specifically about Dante while he did for Shantae and Dragonborn, especially with his crossover title being just his name since showing logos for mature rated games apparently bumps up the age rating for the trailer itself like we saw last year with No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown.

Whenever a new Smash Bros. game is on the way, discussion about Dante will probably run rampant again, and hopefully his chances next time will be much better considering he's already technically represented now.

Players will be able to pick up Dante, Shantae, Lloyd and Dragonborn for $.75 each tomorrow, June 28, when Kazuya Mishima releases as the penultimate DLC character for Smash Ultimate.

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