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Guilty Gear Strive wants you playing Sol Badguy so much it'll change your character in the middle of an online match

I've never really seen something like that before

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 15, 2021 at 4:38 p.m. PDT • Comments: 10

Arc System Works set out to make their protagonist Sol Badguy feel powerful at the start of Guilty Gear Strive's life, and they've certainly succeeded in that with his unmatched ability to convert combos that do crazy amounts of damage.

This has led many players to pick him up and make him one of the most popular fighters of the early game, and even if you don't pick him, the game just might make you take him for a spin anyway.

Streamer and VTuber RickiHirsch recently shared a curious and comical clip of an online Strive match that suddenly made them switch controls from Ramlethal over to Sol.

It'd be a wild glitch if the game actually loaded him without either player picking him, but that's not exactly what's happening here.

After getting hit with a connection hiccup, the game suddenly swapped controls over to the other player's character, who happened to be playing Mr. Badguy.

Their opponent, however, did not get control of Ram, and they appeared to be gone entirely.

My best guess as to what's going on here is the connection dropped completely mid-match and left the game in a weird state of limbo.

The left side of the screen says that it's searching for an opponent like RickiHirsch was in Training Mode, but the match itself was still technically ongoing.

Since the game thought it was back in Training Mode, it switched control back to the Player 1 side, and bam, now you're Sol.

If you're wondering how the match ended, they used Sol to K.O. Ram, which gave the streamer a game loss even though they were the one who did it.

This is probably okay to view as just a funny and odd bug for now considering it seems to just be a weird issue that can potentially occur after a disconnect, so it shouldn't be much cause for concern.

I'm sure this will get patched out fairly quickly along with some other glitches present in the game, but it's still worthy of a good chuckle for now.

Thank you to CKenshin for the banner idea.

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