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Guilty Gear Strive's servers were pulled offline to try and improve online quality but did it help at all?

It certainly didn't change the load times

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 14, 2021 at 5:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 19

Server and connectivity issues hampered players' enjoyment of Guilty Gear Strive's launch weekend, and the developers have now attempted to improve the rough spots that detract from the game's excellent netcode.

Arc System Works took down Strive's online servers across all platforms in the early hours of this morning and completed their work, but did it actually help to fix any of the problems?

The team added more servers for Strive's online during the maintenance period, which should have lightened the load on the service and led to a more stable environment for players.

With the lengthy initial load times full of Communicating with server... messages, issues getting matches to connect and player rooms not working correctly, I sat down to do some testing that produced some mixed results.

Unfortunately, those long waits to start the game have not really changed much at all (at least on PlayStation 4) where it took the game two minutes still to simply reach the main menu.

From there it took a consistent 30 seconds to go from that menu into a lobby, so that too seems to be about the same or maybe a slight improvement depending on who you are.

As for actually playing in the lobbies themsevles, however, selecting options and loading up match prompts felt perhaps a bit more snappy than before, and I didn't have any matches that failed to connect for seemingly no reason at all.

The same can't be said for downloading R-Codes though since those still take a full minute every single time, which is a real shame because it'd be nice to look at people's stats if it only took a few seconds instead.

Finally, I jumped into just about every open player lobby I could find from the search screen. Only one of them refused to connect, so that's a good sign though I can't say the same applies to users who were having issues before.

Overall, Guilty Gear's online modes do appear to be more stable than they previously were, but it's pretty clear there's more that needs to be addressed.

It'll be interesting to see how many of these online foibles simply get better as time goes on and how much of this is just going to be the Strive experience going forward for a while.

We're interested to hear about your experience after the server maintenance, especially if you're on PC, so let us know how the online has been in the comments below.

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