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The internet had lower expectations for Capcom's E3 presentation but apparently they weren't low enough judging by people's reactions

At least the FGC did get a spotlight for a few minutes

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 14, 2021 at 8:10 p.m. PDT • Comments: 60

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is generally viewed as one of the most exciting times in the video game industry where the biggest announcements take place. This year maybe not so much though.

Capcom decided to finally throw their hat into the ring and hold their own E3 presentation for the first time today, and while many had set their expectations for the event fairly low, it still left viewers feeling empty.

Although the company did announce ahead of time that they'd be focusing on four titles in particular, but even those games didn't really receive much in the way of new information.

It was kinda neat to get a message from Resident Evil Village's Producer except all they had to show for the recently released title was a launch date for an already announced and delayed game along with a simple screen of text saying that they're working on DLC now.

There's not really much to say about what Capcom showed for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles or the two Monster Hunter games, but then Street Fighter 5 actually got its own segment — and to close out the show no less.

That certainly got everyone's ears to perk up a bit though it too was almost all for naught.

Seeing Vicious and RobTV highlight the competitive FGC on a stage as big as E3 was cool to see while advertising all of Capcom's current eSports ventures between the Pro Tour, Street Fighter League and the Intel World Open.

That being said, however, there were some simple changes that could have been made to that portion which could have left more people satisfied and do a better job of showing why people should be playing Street Fighter 5.

Instead of spending five minutes talking about eSports, that time could have been cut in half to showcase the nice changes the fighting game has added over the past year or so as kirb pointed out.

Street Fighter 5 has sold over 5 million copies, but there's certainly not 5 million people playing it right now.

E3 would have been the perfect opportunity to show those who've dropped off the game what they've been missing with the unique mechanics introduced with Gill, Seth, Dan and Rose with Oro and Akira still on the way soon.

Give them some flashy combos and maybe a few hype instances of V-Shift usage in the tournaments they're pushing.

Capcom didn't even need to reveal anything new for the game. Rather, they should have put a bit of focus on why people should be playing SF5 now that the game is in a very different state than what many remember it as.

Giving a date for the Summer Update event and telling people to come back then to see some cool new stuff would have been a nice way to close the show, but that wasn't in the cards.

Reactions to Capcom's show were swift and loud in the FGC and the wider internet. Many took the opportunity to crack jokes about what they just witnessed while others lamented their disappointment that pretty much nothing new was shown.

There was actual appreciation too among our circles for the SF5 scene getting highlighted in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers at one of the largest gaming shows — and also the Alex trailer meme.

It's totally understandable that setbacks from COVID-19 and maybe even the terrible hack that Capcom was hit with made it such that they didn't have anything ready to showcase right now. Delays from the events of the past year are going to be felt through the industry for more to come.

The last years Capcom did have games to reveal at E3 were some of the biggest in the past decade between the likes of Monster Hunter World, Resident Evil 2's remake and Devil May Cry 5, so people were going to go in hoping on some level that there'd be at least one surprise, no matter how small.

Capcom wasn't alone in receiving criticism either with other companies like Square Enix among others seeing similar responses online to their shows.

There's something of a general sense of this E3 not being nearly as impactful as it was before the pandemic, which probably factors into that a good bit as well.

Sure, the people truly hoping to see something like a new Marvel vs. Capcom right now may need a bit of a reality check, but E3 still brings with it expectations, even if they are toned down from the levels of yesteryear.

As we speak, people are still holding out hope that Nintendo is going to "save E3," so we'll see how that ends up shortly.

Photograph via Noah Wulf.

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