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3 simple ways to improve your online lobby experience in Guilty Gear Strive... when it actually works

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 13, 2021 at 4:35 p.m. PDT • Comments: 9

The online lobbies of Guilty Gear Strive have been one of the aspects of the game that players complained about the most going back to the first beta, and while Arc System Works did provide some improvements, more issues popped up following its release.

To help mitigate the ongoing server and matchmaking problems Strive is seeing this weekend, we've put together three tips that'll simplify and make your lobby experience hopefully more pleasant than before.

Given players need to walk around any given lobby in order to find matches, it can take time to even find a Duel Station with an opponent ready to go, so most of these are going to be advice to help save your time.

For all of its design faults, Strive's lobbies do include a few nice features to quickly move around the map and await challengers.

The lobbies can also be pretty much entirely avoided by using the game's Quick Match feature to automatically search for players in your default floor ranking though it doesn't give you as much control.

Let's start with a similar inclusion within the hotel rooms themselves.


Perhaps the most useful function of Strive's online lobbies is the ability to simply select Standby in Training Mode, which accomplishes almost the same thing as Quick Match though a bit better.

After selecting standby in the pause menu or shortcuts, your avatar will automatically teleport to an open Duel Station while you can load into Training Mode until someone comes along to submit a challenge.

What makes this better than the Quick Match option is the fact that you can use it in any lobby you happen to be standing in, including the open park areas and even player rooms.

The one annoying downside of this nice inclusion is the game will kick you back out to the lobby from Training Mode if connecting to an opponent fails, which happens fairly often right now.

Member List

For those looking to take a more active approach in looking for who they'll fight next, the Member List feature is a godsend, especially when avatars are just standing around and you don't know what their status is.

The Member List shows you all players currently in your lobby, and if you go over to the next tab, you'll see the people who are already readied up and ready to rumble.

Selecting any given player allows you a number of options though the one best suited for saving time in the lobbies is the ability to simply teleport over to where they're standing instantly instead of trying to locate them on the map.

This could also be used to locate friends or any specific player you're looking to track down inside of the room.

Player Rooms

Player Matches won't allow you to rank up, but they are useful for playing with friends or in a smaller group setting with spectating options.

The problem with these player rooms right now is that they often times will not connect even when you have the passcode to enter.

Some solutions to this require you to spend time loading up players' R-Codes or messing with regions, but WickedHaiku recently showcased another trick to make the process easier.

By going to a park level, preferably one without many players, you can place a player room on the ground that others in the same regions and park can see and join, which seems to have a higher success rate right now instead of trying to connect through the menus.

Of course none of this really matters if you can't get into matches. Personally, I've had few issues outside of connections not initiating on occasion, which is usually remedied by just attempting it again, but that's not everyone's experience at the moment.

If you're still seeing error messages like these, hopefully they'll start to become less frequent after this weekend and the launch hype dies down a tad bit. Otherwise, we'll probably be waiting for ArcSys to implement some sort of fix to the issues at hand.

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