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So Guilty Gear Strive's first DLC character is totally going to be Happy Chaos, right?

At this point it feels like the only thing we don't have is an official trailer, since everything else points to his inevitable inclusion

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • July 1, 2021 at 7:25 p.m. PDT • Comments: 16

With Guilty Gear Strive officially releasing last month to much fanfare, obviously minds have turned quite quickly to which characters might be joining the roster throughout it's upcoming Season Pass. This first Season Pass (hopefully first of many) will add five characters to the roster throughout the rest of 2021, as detailed in the official roadmap.

This roadmap doesn't reveal the identities of any characters in the pass (though there is a supposed datamine going around which may have spilled the beans on who's coming), but it does tell us that the first character is going to be someone brand new, followed by a returning character the month after. There's one character in particular who fairly obviously fits the bill for inclusion, and I'm pretty sure he's not only going to be joining the roster, but that he'll be the first character added. I am, of course, talking about Happy Chaos.

For those of you unaware, Happy Chaos is a character who has been mentioned in the Xrd series but didn't make a full appearance until Guilty Gear Strive. Originally referred to as the "other Jack-O" and thereby yet another gear created with Aria as a base, the story mode in Guilty Gear Strive sheds more light on his true nature and character.

Without going too heavy into spoilers, it's undeniable that Happy Chaos is a signifcant character to Guilty Gear lore as a whole and his prominence in the story mode only further solidifies this.

Given that the first character we'll be seeing as post-launch content for Guilty Gear Strive was confirmed to be a brand new fighter who hasn't been playable before, it more than makes sense that Happy Chaos who was featured so prominently in the game's story mode as well as tying in to several character's stories would fit this bill.

While there's also obviously a case to be made for "That Man", Asuka R. Kreutz, who is also an important figure in the game's story mode and indeed for the franchise as a whole since its very inception, I would argue that Happy Chaos sudden relevance gives him priority. Basically, Asuka isn't going to get any less important down the road since he's been such a big figure in the Guilty Gear lore, while Happy Chaos is a bit of a new kid on the block and his value as a new inclusion would likely fade a lot faster.

It's not llike Happy Chaos is a sidelined character combatwise, either. The story mode does show him fight quite a bit and he's quite a different beast from what's currently in the roster. The character wields two guns and employs magical abilities to take down his foes.

While nothing is set in stone, this does suggest he'd likely be a longer range fighter, possibly with some setup potential with traps or similar tools due to the magical spells he'd be able to employ.

Happy Chaos' quite distinct visual design coupled with his villainous role and aloof attitude has been quite well received so far, and he definitely seems like a character choice which people could get excited about even in the midst of hoping for their old favorites to return.

Since we know that a new character is coming, Happy Chaos does feel like he wouldn't really rub anyone the wrong way and also stands out as a fighter who is distinctly Guilty Gear Strive in his design and novelty since we've never seen him before this game, even if he does have connections to past events from the series.

Although I-No does technically fill the villain role for Guilty Gear Strive as well (and as I speculated on back in March), it does feel like the game needs to have its own villain in the roster to help set the tone for the game's identity much like I-No had done in the past back in Guilty Gear X and Bedman did in Guilty Gear Xrd. Happy Chaos would fit that role perfectly and falls quite neatly in line with Arc System Works' general procedure of adding characters.

With the new character being set to release this month, we shouldn't have to wait long before we find out their identity for real, but my money (as well as many other people's, I'm sure) is definitely going to be on Happy Chaos for now.

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