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Guilty Gear Strive x LEVO results

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 12, 2021 at 7:10 p.m. PDT • Comments: 8

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

With Guilty Gear Strive's release this week, launch hype is high for the new Arc System Works title across the fighting game community at large.

The largest Strive event during this launch weekend apears to be North American tournament for LEVO featuring a wealth of top talent from a variety of titles including: EG|SonicFox, PG|Punk, Supernoon, Cloud805, Reynald, Nitro, Honzogonzo, Daze, PT|Coach Steve, CR|Doza, BN|Shin Paulo, and more along with hundreds of entrants.

LEVO's NA Guilty Gear Strive tournament managed to reach 334 registered players alone plus almost 100 more in the European bracket.

The total prize pool of this event looks to now be $1,100 to be split between the two regions, but the real prize will be bragging rights as the winner of the first big Strive event of hopefully many in the game's lifetime.

LEVO is generally a weekly event focusing on titles like Super Smash Bros. Melee and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, but now we'll have to see if Strive will be joining as regular tournaments.

Streaming is being handled by LEVO's host, TSM|Leffen, which you can check out below.

Guilty Gear Strive North America — Results

1. EG|SonicFox (Leo)
2. TempestNYC (May)
3. Supernoon (Ramlethal, May)
4. PG|Punk (Sol)
5. SOT|Bladeless (Sol)
5. Reynald (Chipp, Sol)
7. Honzogonzo (Giovanna)
7. OmniSScythe (Ramlethal)

9. Proton|Coach Steve (Leo)
9. Lime (Giovanna)
9. Bojack (Sol)
9. RTW (May)
13. Daze (Giovanna)
13. Nitro (Ramlethal)
13. Cloud805 (Sol)
13. Diaphone (I-No)

17. Mike_Saftig
17. TempleNUT!
17. TJ Takeuchi
17. Jan (Potemkin)
17. GSS|MadBestKiller
17. Esjihn
17. GlacialReign (Leo)
17. Daigucci

25. StrawHat_Mod
25. OS|BrendanMushi
25. Ace|AceAGod
25. HAM|Alighieri
25. WoRR
25. MastaStef (Ramlethal)
25. Ferno
25. Crescent|Doza

Guilty Gear Strive Europe — Results

1. Snakebelmont (Axl)
2.|Achorawl (Leo)
3. Glitch|Nyphi7 (Sol)
4. SSDG|Popotino (Sol)
5. Zoggere (Anji)
5. Dizzy (Leo)
7. Mik (Ramlethal)
7. V7|Verix777 (Nagoriyuki)

9. Xed (Ky)
9. Heapski (Ky)
9. KenDeep (I-No)
9. Kurokich (Potemkin)
13. Yeet|Zzub99 (May)
13. Magicrider (Ramlethal)
13. Raven (Nagoriyuki)
13. BlackAce (Ramlethal)

17. Lionheart
17. GillStoleMyRide (May)
17. Lensta
17. neXus (May)
17. BarryBones
17. Dudeakoff
17. Jester
17. TU|Slash

25. DoubleM (Millia)
25. NFC3D|Ellroy678
25. Tear
25. Phaily (May)
25. RiktigNinja (Sol)
25. Plalnt3
25. Yuhel
25. Zeden

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