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This Guilty Gear Strive beginners guide has everything you need to get movement, basic combos, Roman cancels, and more down quickly

Step 1: Set up a dash button

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 12, 2021 at 5:10 a.m. PDT • Comments: 5

Today is the big day as the long-awaited Guilty Gear Strive is officially available to all gamers, and that means we've got more than a few new bloods looking to find their footing.

Though the latest entry to the Guilty Gear franchise is noted to be a little simpler than its predecessors, starting a new fighting game is never an easy feat. Fear not, however, as MC MuraFGC has put together a wonderful starter guide for beginners that'll surely surely make starting climbing this mountain a good bit less intimidating.

The guide kicks off with some instruction on the most basic of movements including how to block (it's a back to block fighter) and what all of the different buttons do at a more universal level. Mura also notes fairly early on that you can save yourself a bit of trouble by setting one button to perform dashes, something you'll be glad you learned early on instead of having to get used to later.

Once you know what each button does, you can begin to string them together with introductory combos. No links are to be found in Strive, and so stringing together series of hits are relatively easy as long as you know the order in which to press the buttons.

Mura shows how many combos will begin with light attacks and then go into a command normal before cancelling into a special. It's not to say that every combo in Strive will follow this pattern, but this is most definitely where you can start as you get a good feel for what performing these feels like.

Mura also gets into the nuances of anti-airs, the Burst mechanic, the Roman Cancel mechanic, the R.I.S.C. gauge, Faultless Defense, and how things change once you've pushed a foe up against a wall.

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