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Here's how Gill can KO most characters on Street Fighter 5's roster with a devastating V-Trigger combo route

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 10, 2021 at 10:12 a.m. PDT • Comments: 2

Gill is one of those characters in Street Fighter 5 that doesn't quite get as much recognition as he probably deserves. While he's definitely more on the difficult side to learn and play, he's got a ton of tools at his disposal — many of which are still being explored.

One of the fighting game community's resident lab monsters, Javits, recently shared a combo route that allows Gill to KO most characters on Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's roster with the proper resources. To start things off, you'll need a counter hit medium punch.

From a counter hit standing medium punch, an attack that Gill finds himself landing quite often, the Street Fighter 3 boss character can combo into crouching heavy punch, which sets up a juggle into EX ice ball. Gill can launch into a Retribution fire lariat, then juggle into V-Trigger 1 activation, which sets up an oki situation that leads to the KO.

Should the opponent hit a button on wake up, they'll be treated to another counter hit medium punch into a VT1 sequence that leaves them stunned. Finally, a big jump-in combo utilizing Critical Art at the end is enough to wipe out the rest of the health bar.

As Javits notes, this route can take out most of the characters on the cast. This sequence was inspired by a similar set up using V-Trigger 2 that was put together by RSN|Boltstrike.

Using a similar sequence, if the opponent tries for a wake up EX Dragon Punch, they'll be facing a similar treatment at the hands of V-Trigger 2. Boltstrike even shows that this combo route can be reacted to and confirmed into, making it even more practical.

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