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FGC Arcade: Evo Edition early results

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • June 17, 2021 at 10:54 a.m. PDT • Comments: 12

Update: This story is being updated periodically with results.

For this year's EVO, there's going to be a main event in August as well as official Side Tournaments and this early event dubbed FGC Arcade.

The FGC Arcade events will be taking place throughout June and consist of tournaments for Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11, Guilty Gear Strive and Granblue Fantasy Versus.

Although the main event and the side tournaments will be featuring on a larger multitude of different regions, the FGC Arcade events are a bit smaller geographically.

For the FGC Arcade events, they will be focused on North America and Europe only.

Each game is played on different days in two of the stated regions and this story will continuously be updated with results for all of the qualifiers. There's no official stream for qualifiers, but competitors are allowed to stream their own runs through the brackets.

The finals will be played by pitting the regional champions of the two events against each other on stream in first-to-5 exhibitions showcasing the top talent of their respective games in their respective areas.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Europe West — Results

1. Svampen (Zeta)
2. Sonic-san (Belial)
3. TryKeazer (Belial, Narmaya)
4. Dudeakoff (Metera)
5. Sombang (Zooey)
5. Vulji (Lowain)
7. EH|MajinTenshinhan (Metera)
7. Deviance (Belial)

Guilty Gear Strive North America East — Results

1. K7Showoff
2. TempleNUT
3. GlacialReign (Leo)
4. Sanicman21
5. MbkCoach
5. Hobo-Keibs
7. Ludi
7. Madao412

Guilty Gear Strive Europe East — Results

1. Magicrider (Ramlethal)
2. Nyphi (Sol)
3. Popotino (Sol)
4. Xed (Ky)
5. Kyouse (May)
5. TND Sasori
7. Sonic-san (Ky)
7. OsRee (Leo)

Tekken 7 North America East — Results

1. OceanMist11
2. CensedSonic
3. BeefKake1
4. Mak
5. VCSourPapi
6. IkiBasura
7. BlackThanosIV
8. Godzilla2000

Tekken 7 Europe East — Results

1. PhoenixDenja
2. Legend_S_Zafina
3. Xxcapoethay
4. Matt Corleones
5. AkumaAli
6. Art Is Ninjitsu
7. DeathRowITA
8. TGP Pakistan

Mortal Kombat 11 North America East — Results

1. Tweedy
2. Emperor Aztec
3. ElCucuyFGC
4. TheMightyUnjust
5. iScorpion
6. UglyBot212
7. Braking2
8. K7 Showoff

Mortal Kombat 11 Europe East — Results

1. K-TOPGr
2. Nivek
3. Dubasik
4. Murko
5. Asodimazze
5. SeriousHitman
7. Fabz
7. Omie

Granblue Fantasy Versus North America East — Results

1. Gandido787 (Zeta)
2. BuscarLuz (Lowain)
3. EdGoneBad (Metera)
4. PME (Yuel)
5. Joonlv3 (Belial)
5. Beesu (Belial)
7. MarvinPie (Ferry)
7. Saiyan-Mario1 (Zeta)

Granblue Fantasy Versus Europe East — Results

1. Svampen (Zeta)
2. TryKeazer (Narmaya, Belial)
3. Toldor (Narmaya)
4. EH|MajinTenshinhan (Metera)
5. Batzourgias (Ladiva)
5. Sonic-san (Belial)
7. KenDeep (Belial)
7. Sombang (Zooey)

Event Schedule

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