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Has Street Fighter 5 evolved into a better game than Street Fighter 4?

Well, this make for an easily-traversed and nuanced internet conversation...

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 9, 2021 at 8:01 p.m. PDT • Comments: 115

Die hard Street Fighter 4 fans, like myself, probably had a fairly intense emotional reaction to the question posed in the headline, but Street Fighter 5 has reached a point that makes it worth asking.

After five and a half years of tweaks, refinement, and plenty of frustration, SF5 really has cleaned up a lot of what turned so many players off to it. This widely all comes down to subjective opinion, but let's see if we can't make an argument for 5 becoming the superior title.

One thing we have to keep in mind while analyzing and comparing these two Street Fighter entries: community expectations and the allowances technology offer change over time. Judging older titles, take Street Fighter 2 as an example, by more modern standards can quickly make them seem laughable, but we most certainly give allowances for games developed in previous eras.

That said, these two entries are right next to each other on the timeline and share a decent amount of expectation overlap. We also can consider the idea that, as a game standing on the shoulders of those that came before it, the most modern title should score higher than those that came before it in something of a matter of fact manner.

The fact that SF5 took as long as it did to even be considered comparable to its predecessor is not a great look to begin with, and nor is the fact that SF5 is still a good 2 million units behind SF4 in sales (5.5 vs. 7.9 million). All of that in mind, however, we're analyzing based on the most modern versions of these games.

We've come up with five aspects of the Street Fighter experience in which SF5 seems to have surpassed SF4. Can these add up to enough to deem the 2016 title better overall than the 2009 one? Hear us out in the EventHubs Podcast segment below and then chime into the comments (preferably on YouTube) and let us know how you see the overall picture.

This all pairs nicely with the discussion we had last week considering why SF4 is more beloved than SF5, so be sure to check out that one if you haven't already.

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