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Peach player pulls 'lucky' Bob-omb in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament but then Sephiroth snapped his fingers

Definitely don't want to win that lottery

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 7, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. PDT • Comments: 4

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's tournament scene reached a big milestone on the path to doing larger offline events this past weekend with InfinityCON 2021, and one of the best highlights of the whole thing was just downright hilarious.

During a close loser's side top 8 set between MuteAce's Peach and Ned's Sephiroth, the princess managed to pull out a super rare Bob-omb at probably the worst possible time.

Upon digging up the "lucky" explosive, the Final Fantasy villain was already approaching with a Shadow Flare, which Ned fired as soon as MuteAce went to toss the bomb.

Since Peach was already at 69% damage on her final stock, the explosion obviously KO'd her instantly, which sent the commentary crew into absolute hysterics.

This might end up a one-of-a-kind tournament interaction considering the princess only has a 0.4% chance of pulling a bomb instead of a turnip, but it's easy to see why Peach players try to get rid of that thing as quickly as possible when they do happen across one.

Ned would go on to take second place at the whole event where he fitting faced a player using Cloud in grand finals โ€” though they both switched characters after the first game.

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