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When's Oro? Capcom begins teasing the powerful hermit's arrival in Street Fighter 5 but what does that mean for his release date?

If Rose is anything to go by, we might be waiting until next month

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 6, 2021 at 7:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 12

It's weird to think that Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will be more than half way through the game's final season of DLC with the release of Oro, but when will that actually be taking place?

With Capcom now starting to tease the hermit's arrival in the game, let's take a look at how the developers handled the lead-up to Dan and Rose to put together a potential timeline โ€” which might place the next fighter a bit farther out than previously suspected.

So far, the makers of Street Fighter have followed a fairly similar pattern with the first two Season 5 characters with the announcement timing of their seasonal update streams, the dates of said events and when the DLC themselves actually launched.

Starting out with Dan, Capcom first revealed the Winter Update on February 2, which was scheduled for nine days later on Feb. 9. That was of course followed by Dan's actual release date of Feb. 22.

Knowing just those dates, however, doesn't really clue us in any better as to when to expect Oro though Rose may help paint a better picture.

Oro's first V-Skill showcase post was tweeted out on June 3. Remember that date because we'll get back to that in a bit.

Rose's first V-Skill post, for comparison, was sent out on March 10. This was followed up with two more weeks to the day with similar videos on Mar. 17 and Mar. 24.

On March 25, Capcom shared one more behind-the-scenes clip for the fortune teller before officially revealing the Spring Update on Mar. 29.

That update stream, which showed us all of what Rose was capable of along with our first looks at Oro and Akira in action, was held on April 6.

Rose herself didn't release until Apr. 19.

If Capcom decides to go with a similar pattern once again this time, it means we could be waiting until July before we can finally play as Oro.

Two more weeks of gameplay clips puts us already at Jun. 17. Copying Rose's trajectory, the Summer Update event could be announced then around Jun. 22.

There were eight days between the spring announcement and update itself and nine days for the winter stream, which would put the Summer Update around Jun. 31 or Jul. 1.

Once we got to see the characters in action, we still had to wait a decent bit before they were actually added to SF5 with 11 days between the Winter Update and Dan's release and 13 days for Rose.

Finally averaging that out to a potential 12 for Oro, it would put the sage at a release date of Jul. 11 or 12.

Previously, we had suspected Oro to perhaps drop sometime in the third week of June considering Dan and Rose launched two months apart.

We're already almost one week down in June, however, and there hasn't exactly been the same lead up right now as there had been for the other two around this time.

That is of course assuming that Capcom is following their previous marketing pushes for Season 5, and there's certainly nothing that says they need to continue that same structure now.

Given how close the timelines were for Dan, Rose and the previous update events, that case definitely seems to be the most likely one.

There is another strong possibility, however, which would be that Capcom would actually release Oro and the next character Akira at the same time.

It's a move that the developers have used in most of Street Fighter 5's previous seasons, and you can read more about that here.

This is all still technically speculation of course until Capcom gives the official word though one thing is for certain, every new day brings us another step closer to playing with the Street Fighter 3 veteran in his first new iteration in over 20 years, which is pretty darn exciting.

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