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Four reasons why Street Fighter 4 is more beloved than Street Fighter 5

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 2, 2021 at 8:01 p.m. PDT • Comments: 120

The Street Fighter community is now looking more fondly upon Street Fighter 5 than at virtually any other point in the game's five and a half year lifespan, but it surely still doesn't measure up to the memories of its charismatic and beloved predecessor: Street Fighter 4.

Fighting game history has told us that we'll often look back on past franchise entries with rose-tinted glasses while despising what's currently in front of us, but why specifically is the love for SF4 so free-flowing and so easily dammed up for SF5? We've come up with four specific reasons to help answer that question.

We won't delve into all the details, but will explore one general concept as it's relatively far-reaching in terms of our purposes here: first impressions are massively important.

It's been well documented here on EventHubs (as well as in virtually every other corner of the FGC) that Street Fighter 5 had one of the most abysmal launches in the history of fighting games. It added up to a painfully obviously incomplete experience that fans forked over a full $60 (as well as $30 Season Passes each year after) for.

Street Fighter 4, on the other hand, was praised wildly for offering an intensely fun experience that would mark the start of a golden age revival for the fighting game genre. At the same time, expectations for both titles were very different as SF4 emerged from something of a void while SF5 had to immediately follow its predecessor.

For instance, the fact that Street Fighter 4 could be played online was more of a bonus perk than an expectation in 2009. By 2016, however, the FGC had understandably reached a place where a more fluid online experience was a non-negotiable for fans to even pick up a fighter. There's plenty more to this point than just what's been said here, and you can get into all those details via our podcast segment below.

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