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Street Fighter 5 Summer Update 2021 broadcast airing on August 3 and will feature look at Oro, Akira, 'and more'

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 28, 2021 at 7:10 a.m. PDT • Comments: 48

Capcom has just revealed the when and where we'll be seeing Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's next big info drop. The Summer Update 2021 is slated to go live on August 3 and will feature our next look at upcoming DLC characters Oro and Akira.

The latest news for the game will be unveiled by way of an hour-long digital event. This presentation is gearing up to be fairly large and will include the latest updates on the game, live commentary, and more.

"The #SFVSummerUpdate2021 show is coming your way, exclusively on Twitch!" writes the official Street Fighter Twitter account. "Join us for updates and behind the scenes looks on #SFV including Oro, Akira, and more!"

As mentioned in the tweet, this time the Street Fighter stream will be presented solely on Twitch. Instead of airing on the Capcom Fighters Twitch and YouTube channels, the Summer Update will be taking place exclusively on Twitch Gaming.

The last time we saw new content for Street Fighter 5's next DLC characters, Oro and Rival Schools' own Akira, was back in early April during the Spring Update digital event. A gameplay breakdown and trailer was featured for the Street Fighter 3 hermit, and Capcom surprised fans with a gameplay trailer for Akira as well.

Since then, updates on either character have been scarce โ€” outside of recap clips periodically shared on social media.

The big, burning question on the minds of Street Fighter fans right now is: when will the next character release? It is highly likely that we can expect answers to said question next week during the show.

What's interesting is that unlike the Spring and Winter updates before it, Street Fighter 5's Summer Update 2021 is expected to run for a full hour. The previous presentations clocked in at just under 30 minutes, which implies that there will be quite a lot to talk about during this next broadcast.

As it stands right now, the final character for Street Fighter 5 Season 5 has yet to be revealed. Their identity has remained a mystery since last August, and with the added time on the broadcast there's a chance we could finally see who they might be.

Speculation on who the last fighter is has been all over the place. Some feel this might be another Capcom crossover character like one of the Darkstalkers, or it might even be a full on guest contender such as Kyo from King of Fighters.

Capcom has been extremely tight-lipped on the identity of the game's final roster member, but the initial Season 5 road map showing each character's release window does hold some potential details.

As we pointed out previously, the fifth DLC fighter will come equipped with three alternate costumes. This could be a sign that the character is a male, as the two male fighters in the season pass were given three costumes while the females were given five.

Outside of that, we don't know much else about this mystery combatant. What we do know is that when Akira is released, she will come alongside a bit more new content in the form of a Rival Schools-themed stage.

Though it hasn't been said outright, based on the road map and the timing it does appear that Oro and Akira will be launching at the same time. Both characters looked surprisingly far in their development cycles when we last saw them three months ago, so it would certainly make sense to see them released within the same game update.

If you'd like to catch all of the Street Fighter 5 action when it goes live, be sure to keep your eyes on Twitchg Gaming on August 3 at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET. We here at EventHubs will have all of the latest headlines from the showcase, so make sure to tune in here when the time comes.

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