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The Big LEVO 2 results

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 26, 2021 at 1:14 a.m. PDT • Comments: 19

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Guilty Gear Strive continues to be prime real estate for running fighting game tournaments, and if anything, the number of players taking a stab at the competitive space is still growing.

The Big LEVO 2 is going down this weekend and bringing in over 1,400 players featuring some of the strongest competitors of the western hemisphere including PG|Punk, PG|HookGangGod, Liquid|Dabuz, Proton|Coach Steve, TLR|Mystic, GF|AnBi and more.

Like the previous large-scale LEVO events for Strive, the tournaments are split between North America and Europe with both regions also running beginner brackets alongside the main event.

The prize pool is starting out at $1,000 USD, but will likely grow to much more as donations continue to flow in.

Though he's helping organize and commentate the event, TSM|Leffen is also competing this time in the EU event where he's expected to go quite far.

Streaming for the events are being handled on Leffen's Twitch channel.

Guilty Gear Strive North America — Results

1. Hotashi (Nagoriyuki)
2. Rise|Marn (Giovanna)
3. King Jon (Sol)
4. Nitro (Sol)
5. SoSickNashFan (May)
5. Ferno (May)(
7. Des! (Axl)
7. Joffrey (Sol)

9. Lord Hoseph Dong
9. BrkrDave (Giovanna)
9. DPS (Axl)
9. KidBuumer (Potemkin)
13. RR|Ajax Fidelity
13. Solstice
13. KarmaKwan
13. Monib

Guilty Gear Strive Europe — Results

1. TSM|Leffen (Chipp)
2.GF|AnBi (Sol)
3. :)|Zeno (Ramlethal)
4. TLR|Mystic (Axl)
5. TU|Slash (May)
5. Kurokich (Potemkin)
7. mC|Space (May)

9. ROV|Dragoi (Ky)
9. Fandroid
9. BlackAce (Ramlethal)
9. Oplon|Skyll
13. BB|Mono
13. Artifex (Millia)
13. HaB|Maka
13. SSF

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