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I-No match up chart in Guilty Gear Strive released by SonicSol after a month of playing her

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 20, 2021 at 5:42 a.m. PDT • Comments: 10

SonicSol has recently released a Guilty Gear Strive match up chart for I-No. Apparently, SonicSol has been playing I-No for a full month for the purpose of formulating his opinions on the character.

Although I-No acts as one of the main antagonists of Guilty Gear Strive's story mode, she hasn't been quite as impactful as someone like Sol Badguy, Ramlethal or May in the tournament meta. As such, SonicSol's match up chart for I-No certainly isn't depicting her as some secret top tier.

According to SonicSol, I-No only has an advantageous match up against Faust. Since she also only has 5 even match ups, this means that she mostly has match ups that put her at a disadvantage.

This match up chart indicates that I-No has a particularly tough time against Sol Badguy, Nagoriyuki and May as they can be seen in the "hella loses" category of the match up chart.

Despite how bad it might look for I-No, SonicSol believes that I-No is still fairly viable. It's expected that characters like Axl Low, Millia Rage and Ramlethal will be fairly common at tournaments in this version of Guilty Gear Strive, and I-No has even match ups against these combatants.

Notably, an I-No user was able to mount an amazing comeback during a team vs. team tournament by single handily taking out 6 players by himself. This certainly does seem to indicate that a player can win with I-No if they put in the work with her.

Check out SonicSol's I-No match up chart below:

SonicSol's I-No match up chart in Guilty Gear Strive image #1
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