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Millia's advantageous and bad match ups in Guilty Gear Strive discussed by LordKnight

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 14, 2021 at 11:56 a.m. PDT • Comments: 13

BC|LordKnight is one of the best Millia players in Guilty Gear Strive. Although some actually appear to regard Millia as a "bottom 3 character," LordKnight believes that Millia is strong enough to main and dedicate time to.

He recently released a video that had him discussing Millia's good and bad match ups. LordKnight doesn't go over every detail in every match up, but he does spend quite a bit of time talking about why each match up is the way that it is in the 33 minute video.

The first match up that LordKnight discusses is the one with Sol Badguy, a character that everyone seems to hate in Guilty Gear Strive right now. Believe it or not, but LordKnight says that Millia might have an even match up against Sol. At the very worst, it's only a slight disadvantage for Millia.

Although Sol can potentially kill Millia off a single hit, Millia's mobility and options make it very difficult for her to actually get hit by Sol. Although all characters have had limitations imposed on their mobility since Guilty Gear Xrd, LordKnight believes that this is affecting Sol more than Millia in this particular match up.

The Millia and Ky Kiske match up is also said to be fairly even. While Ky's buttons make it difficult for Millia to directly interact with Ky, she has the mobility to work around it. Millia is also able to take advantage of Ky's slow invincible reversal upon securing a knockdown.

Hear everything else that LordKnight had to say about Millia's match ups in the video below:

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