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Will Capcom release Oro for Street Fighter 5 this month, or should we just hold our breath for an Evo overhaul?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 15, 2021 at 7:51 p.m. PDT • Comments: 18

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is still chugging along at a decent pace for a five year old fighting game title, but it's been a while since Capcom dropped their last DLC character, Rose, and fans are surely starting to get antsy for the next Season 5 entry.

We've gotten two of the five promised characters for Season 5 already, and they were released two months apart (Dan in February, Rose in April). While Oro would have had to come out last month to continue that pattern, we're not so sure we'll be seeing him even here in July as there's reason to suspect Capcom is holding him for Evo next month.

Both Oro and the fourth Season 5 character, Rival Schools guest star Akira, are slated for "Summer of 2021." While many of us were hoping to see Oro in June and then Akira 2 months later in August, it seems developers may be setting up for a dual release at a major stage.

Capcom has been regularly dropping little clips of Oro gameplay footage like this one on Twitter in an effort to keep hype levels up:

Evolution Championship Series, the biggest yearly major in the fighting game community, never came to fruition in 2020. The event was hit with something of a one-two punch combination as COVID-19 caused an initial postponement and accusations against former CEO Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar eventually saw the event fully cancelled.

Evo is back as an online event here in 2021, and while this surely won't come with the same magic and prestige as an FGC-loaded Mandalay Bay Arena, there's a decent chance Capcom decides to official show and release both Oro and Akira right around Evo 2021's climax.

Most major fighting game titles save at least one major announcement for the big dance in late summer, and we've seen both a dual and triple character release for SF5 at Evo 2018 and 2019, respectively. This year Evo will play out over two weekends, August 6-8 and August 13-15, the latter of which being where we'd place our Oro bets.

The thing is, Capcom has also been running special announcement/reveal stream events to better showcase the content en route to SF5. Thus far we've had three such streams across three seasons (winter, spring, and summer) and developers used these to showcase their progress as well as announce release dates for Season 5 DLC characters.

While we've seen Oro in two of these and a bit of Akira footage in one, we've yet to get the kind of preliminary presentation that the previous two Season 5 characters received for either newcomer.

Street Fighter 5 has had a tumultuous history in terms of DLC character release schedule communication and execution, but most of what we've seen here in Season 5 has been a refreshing upgrade from years prior. As much as fans are ready to dive into the lab with Oro, it does feel like the pressure to churn him out is relatively less when compared to how fans felt in previous seasons when communication was lacking.

Would you be content with waiting one more month before getting the likes of both Oro and Akira (as well as a new stage and a few costumes), or will you be upset if Capcom winds up taking a full four month break between DLC drops?

Let us know in the comments your answer as well as how excited you are for Oro and the rest of SF5's fifth season.

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