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Will Guilty Gear Strive receive DLC costumes or guest characters? Arc System Works has answers to that

No fish swords over here

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 10, 2021 at 7:28 p.m. PDT • Comments: 29

Arc System Works fighting games had hardly ever seen any additional costumes and skins until the release of Granblue Fantasy: Versus, which of course got fans wondering if something similar would be coming to Guilty Gear Strive and other future titles.

Recently, Toptier had the opportunity to perform an interview with ArcSys where they asked the developer questions on a handful of topics including if they're planning to release in-game cosmetics or guest characters for Strive.

For those hoping to play a little bit of dress-up with the Guilty Gear gang, you may have to stick with PC mods for the foreseeable future given what they replied.

"We've received a lot of requests for [costumes / weapon skins], but we don’t have any plans for it presently," said the ArcSys representative via Toptier. "Our current priority is to add more characters to the roster."

Landing a big crossover character seems to be all the rage in the fighting game landscape currently with other studios like Bandai Namco, SNK and NetherRealm Studios all taking part on a regular basis.

While a Guilty Gear character will soon be hitting Samurai Shodown, ArcSys' flagship series hasn't included a guest up to this point, but what are their thoughts moving forward?

"while it's not completely off the table, wed like to prioritize bringing characters from previous titles and brand new fighters to the game first," said ArcSys while noting they've received many fan requests for that too.

It's interesting that the developer seems a bit more open ended on crossovers than they do costumes, but why don't we see them take advantage of selling new outfits when almost all of their competitors do?

Some of Granblue Fantasy: Versus' premium weapon skins from an early Battle Pass

A big chunk if not most of that absence is due to how ArcSys animates their games now and how meticulous they are in doing so.

To help capture the feeling of 2D sprites in 3D, the developers pose character animations frame-by-frame including their clothing and hair so the game pretty much always looks the way they intend it to.

This method also allows them to stretch and squash the models as needed for added effect / impact, which is something we see quite often in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

All of this equates to so much more work to add more outfits considering each of them would pretty much need to be essentially re-animated over again when that time could have been used to essentially animate a new character instead.

Other games like Street Fighter 5 and Soul Calibur 6 use a base rig model with outfits placed over top that are largely animated through said base and in-game physics.

We did see one instance of ArcSys including a bonus costume in DBFZ for Videl who had both her long and short hair designs available, but that and Granblue's weapon skins are far more simple than an entire Guilty Gear character.

It'd be really great if everyone could get at least one alternate look to give players slightly more options though it seems table all expectations for the time being.

I guess the compromise is that we get to freely customize our lobby avatars.

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