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Which SNK characters have the best chance at making the maximum impact if they become Street Fighter 5's Final DLC?

Sorry Mai, not today

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 6, 2021 at 8:16 p.m. PDT • Comments: 42

The summer months are now well underway, which means we should be hearing more about Capcom's next plans for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition pretty much any day at this point.

Recently, we dug into the chances of seeing an SNK character crossover as the final DLC member of Street Fighter 5 Season 5, but who exactly are the most likely candidates if the stars are indeed aligned?

The most obvious pick that most peoples' minds go to first is of course Terry Bogard, but he's not going to be technically included here for a few reasons.

Fatal Fury's star boy has already gotten a couple of huge crossover gigs these past few years between joining the ranks of both Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Fighting EX Layer, and if Capcom is looking to bring in the first outside character into the Street Fighter series, they're probably going to want something that isn't already available on its competitors.

Ms. Mai Shiranui also isn't making the list here despite her being the most recognizable female SNK fighter simply because of that.

Since the final DLC character is already confirmed to have only three additional costumes on the way, that likely points to them being a male character because both Rose and Akira are receiving five outfits.

One could argue that perhaps Capcom only got three costumes if it's Mai due to her being a licensed guest, but let's table that for now to get into the top picks.

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo would be an easy no-brainer selection for Street Fighter 5 considering he was the first protagonist of The King of Fighters series, who's also served as a poster boy for SNK for decades alongside Terry and Mai.

His straightforward moveset would fairly easily convert over into SF5's battle system while the various ways Kyo can control fire could make for some interesting uses for his V-Trigger.

The man who carries the sun on his back would serve as a great ambassador for what's on the way in The King of Fighters 15, and he'd be a nice symbol of Capcom and SNK's old rivalry that developed into much more.

Kusanagi's also kinda due to have some sort of big showing at this point considering Terry, Mai, Kula, Iori and Geese have all had big guest appearances these past few years while Kyo's remained on the sideline.

Iori Yagami

Pretty much everything you can say about Kyo, you can also say about his lifetime rival in Iori.

If Capcom wants to go for more of a bad boy with some edge to really signify their old adversaries in the fighting game space, Iori should be the go-to choice for sure.

It'd be very interesting to see how things like a completely grounded fireball would work out in SF5, but can you imagine how cool it'd be for him to activate his Orochi powers for a V-Trigger pop?

The ladies love him. The guys love him too.


As the hero of the newest KOF games, Shun'ei would be right up there with Kyo as an ambassador for the franchise and a way to point more to KOF15 instead of relying simply on nostalgia for older titles.

While his aesthetic style doesn't exactly match up to what Street Fighter's got going on right now with his headphones and tricked out uniform, Shun'ei's would feel pretty at home in SF5.

His ability to control fire and water with his giant ghost hands would make for a fun way to split up the focus on the two elements between his V-Triggers similarly to Gill.

Also like Kyo, Shun'ei hasn't exactly gotten much of a spot light when it comes to showing up in other games, so perhaps its time for SNK to push their hero more into the outside world.

Rock Howard

Rock Howard remains as one of the most popular SNK characters the company has ever created, so everyone would probably lose their minds if he were to join Street Fighter 5.

Capcom's already played a massive role in cooking up arguably Rock's best appearance in Capcom vs. SNK 2, so it'd be like they could have their cake and eat it too between re-imagining the character once again while incorporating some of Geese and Terry's most iconic moves into SF5.

His inclusion may be the least likely of the bunch, however, since he doesn't really have much connection to the mainline King of Fighters series outside of his DLC inclusion in the last game, and he still hasn't been announced for KOF15 yet.

I'm not sure if SNK would want to simply hand off such a massive pop off to Capcom, but if they want people talking about the developer and KOF15 coming out of Street Fighter 5, Rock would certainly be the person to create the maximum impact.

Street Fighter 5 including a guest character at all is still far from a sealed deal considering the only crossovers the series has received up to this point have been to other Capcom properties like Final Fight, Rival Schools and arguably Strider if you want to count Zeku.

If the team does want to go out with a bang and a guest fighter, however, SNK remains as the most likely candidate to do so.

Who out of this list would you be most interested to see potentially in SF5? Who would work the best in the game's current systems? Let us know in the comments below along with any other SNK character you think is more likely or that you want to see more.

Street Fighter 5's big Summer Update event where we're expecting to learn more about the final DLC character is coming... sometime this summer.

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