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Lone I-No player makes miracle comeback in Japan pro 15v15 Guilty Gear Strive tournament taking out almost half the team solo

Ironically, the hero of Japan is Korean

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 3, 2021 at 5:14 p.m. PDT • Comments: 15

A little while back the Japan vs. North America 10v10 exhibition in Guilty Gear Strive almost had DEB make the solo team comeback at the end before coming up just shy, but now someone else managed to pull off the miracle upset.

Earlier today, Japanese pros came together for a massive 15v15 Strive tournament that looked to be a blowout until a lone I-No player managed to do the impossible as the final member left on their team.

The hero of our unlikely story is one Daru, who actually lost the very first set of the tournament before becoming the anchor of the red team.

Six hours into the lengthy exhibition, Daru found himself alone up against the six players remaining on the blue team filled top to bottom with world-class talent.

Daru's first challenge would prove to be one of his hardest squaring off with the Guilty Gear Legend Summit and his deadly Chipp.

Game one looked to be largely under Summit's control with his mixups and timely reversals, which left Daru his last remaining game to make something happen — a sight that would pop up time and time again after.

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Betting it all on a wakeup Super, Daru was able to claw his way back, however, and force a game three where he started looking more comfortable and taking to the skies to avoid the grounded Chipp mix.

Next up to bat was Sin, the Anji Mito player who defeated Daru in the first set, which again had I-No looking like the underdog.

Since Anji can easily counter I-No's neutral play of tossing out projectiles, things were looking rough until Daru started going nuts and trying to bait out guardpoint attacks and running up in his face for the high-low setplay.

Having to still face Roi's Sol, TRL|Saryu's Ramlethal, LOX's Giovanna and Kazuki's May, every match was a desperate struggle to stay alive, and yet every single time Daru would find some way to win — even managing to bust out I-No's command grab Super for a surprise over Roi.

On top of the float dash mixups you expect out of the all-powerful guitar wielder, Daru employed the interesting tactic of using his reversal Super in block strings instead of using meter for Roman Cancels because it still left him at advantage to keep his opponent locked down.

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All of a sudden the impossible odds appeared to be changing in Daru's favor though LOX would come in second-to-last and provide the wildest set of the run.

Kazuki stood as the final obstacle in the way of the legendary comeback of 1v6, and the May player was not going to make things easy.

Going down to his final life after clashing Supers in the air, Daru would swing things back in his favor against the Totsugeki.

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A crazy wall break came at the perfect time to leave May with a sliver of health left for a scramble scenario where Daru would catch Kazuki with the fireball to close out one of the biggest and most impressive team tournament comebacks the FGC has seen, so of course he had to pop off.

If you don't plan on watching the whole event, which itself was full of ridiculous action, we highly suggest checking out Daru's final run at the least and see just how close he was to losing time after time yet still just finding a way.

The initial stream can be found on Daru's Twitch page from his own point of view while an English broadcast of the 15v15 epic is on the AnimeIlluminati Twitch archive.

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