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Stunning sequence sees Ryu player use two different parries to pull the rug out from under veteran Street Fighter competitor

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 21, 2021 at 12:38 p.m. PST • Comments: 20

We're kind of used to seeing Ryu lose in Street Fighter 5 given that the franchise poster boy's abilities in this game just haven't been up to snuff since he was nerfed in Season 2, but our highlight here is rare footage of the shoe-less wanderer having the exact tools for the job – both of them parries.

While streaming recently, Street Fighter veteran Arturo Sanchez found himself facing a Ryu whom he whittled down to having virtually no life in a third and final round. Ryu has traditionally had a hard time against Dhalsim's long limbs, and given that it was Sanchez behind the controls with full Critical Art meter and a full screen of real estate between the two characters, a loss was all but imminent.

Sanchez sends a single, arching fireball in his foe's direction and immediately follows it with his Critical Art – a massive fireball that arcs across the screen and hits multiple times. With the Ryu player's V-Trigger already active, the idea here was to chip his final pixel of health away with the massive projectile.

That V-Trigger, however, happened to be the less frequently seen V-Trigger 2, which gives Ryu an additional parry on top of his "Mind's Eye" V-Skill 1. The Ryu player jumps to avoid the first fireball and proceeds to parry all five hits of the Critical Art, but Sanchez teleports in to disrupt his opponent's attempt to field the CA and sneak in an additional attack.

Utilizing the V-Trigger 2 parry, which causes Ryu to follow up with a crumpling heavy punch, the challenger thwarts the entire attack and proceeds to take down the round in an incredibly stylish series.

Check out the full clip below and be sure to turn your sound on as you can hear Sanchez call out his likely win when sending out the Super, and you can almost see the look on his face after hearing him utter "bro..." following the turnaround.

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